10 Creepy Animated Horror Movies Like Coraline to Watch This Halloween

10 Creepy Animated Horror Movies Like Coraline to Watch This Halloween
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For fans of monsters, ghosts, and post-apocalyptic worlds.

If you enjoy the dark and enchanting atmosphere of Coraline and love rewatching it every year, this list will provide you with a variety of chilling experiences. From Tim Burton's gothic tales to international gems and stop-motion wonders, these 10 spooky animated horror movies are sure to send a few chills down your spine.

1. Corpse Bride (2005)

Known for his unique blend of horror and humor, Tim Burton, a master of the macabre and the bizarre, delivers a gothic masterpiece that forever redefines the animated horror genre. Set in Victorian England, the movie follows Victor, a groom-to-be, who becomes involved in a comically disastrous wedding rehearsal in the woods that leads him to propose to the deceased bride, Emily.

As Victor grapples with two relationships, he unravels the mystery of Emily's untimely death in a darkly charming and visually arresting tale.

2. ParaNorman (2012)

LAIKA's ParaNorman is an engaging and humorous animated adventure following the studio's earlier success with Coraline. Though more comedic, the film introduces young audiences to the realm of the supernatural, including ghosts, witches, and zombies, as the story revolves around Norman, a lovable and socially awkward boy gifted with the ability to communicate with the deceased.

When his town faces a supernatural threat from the living dead, Norman's talents become essential to saving the day.

3. Frankenweenie (2012)

Another creation of Tim Burton and Disney, Frankenweenie is a charming horror film made for younger audiences. Presented in a visually striking black-and-white format that sets a gothic tone, the story revolves around Victor, a young boy with a penchant for producing homemade monster movies starring his beloved dog, Sparky.

When Sparky is tragically hit by a car, Victor undertakes a daring scientific experiment to bring his faithful friend back.

4. Monster House (2006)

Set in a seemingly ordinary Wisconsin town, Monster House takes the haunted house concept to a whole new level. Horace Nebbercracker's peculiar residence, coupled with rumors of his wife's mysterious death, creates an unsettling atmosphere, accentuated by the house's malevolent aura.

Only a trio of eagle-eyed local children recognize the house's ominous nature, and their fears are realized when the house turns hostile, trapping them and others within its sinister walls. While the film departs from stop-motion animation, its engaging and eerie story makes it an underrated Halloween choice.

5. 9 (2009)

With an all-star cast that includes Elijah Wood and Jennifer Connelly, 9 gives a sci-fi twist to a classic tale of resilience. The film unfolds in a dystopian world where sentient ragdoll-like creations struggle to survive after humanity falls victim to ruthless machines.

As they strive to unravel the mystery surrounding the talisman worn by the protagonist, 9 delivers unsettling moments that justify its PG-13 rating and offers an unusual and compelling world for those willing to explore it.

6. Strings (2004)

This Danish animated fantasy film is a unique addition to the list for its innovative approach to storytelling. Directed by Anders Rønnow Klarlund, the film uses puppets and stop-motion animation to create a visually arresting and otherworldly experience.

It follows the journey of Hal Tara, a young prince who becomes aware of the strings that control his every movement and decision, prompting him to rebel against his predetermined fate. As he makes his way through a mystical and dreamlike realm, he uncovers secrets about his world, his identity, and the enigmatic beings who control the strings.

7. The House (2022)

This unique and lesser-known anthology film was written by Enda Walsh and is notable for its unconventional narrative structure and the surreal atmosphere it creates. The film is divided into three distinct segments, each focusing on the same house and its inhabitants over different time periods.

The House is a visually stunning and haunting stop-motion film that offers a fresh and intriguing experience for fans of the genre.

8. Fear(s) of the Dark (2007)

Fear(s) of the Dark is a French black-and-white horror anthology that pushes the boundaries of fear and the human psyche. Consisting of five different stories, each presented by a different director in different animation styles, the film takes the viewer on a journey through the macabre and disturbing.

Between the stories, an enigmatic woman's haunting monologue explores her deepest fears, from supernatural terrors to existential dread, offering a truly eerie and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

9. Seoul Station (2016)

In the realm of adult-oriented animated horror, the South Korean film Seoul Station takes center stage as a post-apocalyptic nightmare set during a relentless zombie invasion. Serving as an animated prequel to the acclaimed live-action hit Train to Busan, it unfolds the chilling events within the very train station that later becomes a desperate escape route for survivors.

The pulse-pounding animation adds a unique and eerie dimension to the zombie horror genre, creating a spine-tingling experience for adult audiences.

10. The Boxtrolls (2014)

Another masterpiece from LAIKA Studios, The Boxtrolls is an important addition to their repertoire. Set in the town of Cheesebridge, it features the Boxtrolls, an inventive community that lives beneath the surface, relying on discarded objects to survive.

A false rumor leads the townspeople to target the Boxtrolls, and they enlist Eggs, a human raised by the Boxtrolls, to bridge the gap between the communities and prevent disaster. This steampunk fantasy, while tonally different from the series, retains LAIKA's distinctive style and cements its reputation in children's cinema.

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