10 Biggest Deadpool Movie Mistakes You Probably Missed

10 Biggest Deadpool Movie Mistakes You Probably Missed
Image credit: Twentieth Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios

We knew Wade had a regenerating body, but did you know the suit was self-healing, too?

The third installment of Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds as the sardonic anti-hero Wade Wilson, is undoubtedly one of Marvel's most anticipated projects for 2024, and it's coming to theaters in two months! And if, like us, you've been preparing for the new movie's release on the big screen by re-watching the first two installments on the small one, you may have paused the movies to analyze certain moments — and that's where some of the mistakes that have been left come into view. Here are the 10 biggest movie mistakes you might not have noticed!

10 Deadpool Movie Mistakes That Are Only Noticeable on Rewatch

10. Not the same drawing as at the beginning

9. Epic mercenaries don't need bullets

8. Ghost selfie? Or a different photo?

7. Missing debris

6. Did Wade cut his left or right hand?

5. A gag disappears!

4. Self-repairing mask

3. Different blood position

2. Too afraid to touch Wade Wilson

1. Two shots, two different Deadpools

The buzz surrounding Deadpool & Wolverine shows that audiences are far from suffering from 'superhero fatigue'. Well, at least fans are excited because this is the MCU 's only feature-length release this year — Sony's Spider-Verse has a good chance for competing with Disney in 2024.

Either way, the commercial and critical success of the first two films showed that audiences need their sharp-tongued mercenary Wade Wilson (let’s forget the abomination from X-Men Origins, though...). What’s more, original screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have returned to the project, and coupled with Shawn Levy directing, Disney could manage to recover from last year's financial failure.

There are also many questions as to how Deadpool & Wolverine will fit into the MCU canon, whether it will bring events closer to Phase 5 (given that it kicks off with Fantastic Four, another Disney acquisition after the Fox purchase) or try to provide a standalone story that honors a past era and especially Hugh Jackman 's Logan. And given that the title character found his glorious purpose at the end of Loki Season 2, we are left to wonder what state the Time Variance Authority will be in when it meets Deadpool.

Hopefully the new Deadpool will carry on the madness of the first two installments, filled with love for the comic book stories. The first installment is available for streaming on Disney+ and Max, while Deadpool 2 is available on Disney+ and FuboTV.