10 Best Thrillers Streaming On Hulu In December 2023 

10 Best Thrillers Streaming On Hulu In December 2023 
Image credit: Searchlight Pictures, Hulu

The most engaging movies to binge this winter.

The fans of rom-coms will never understand the fans of horror movies and thrillers. The thing is that the first team enjoys light watches and looks for something to feel good in the fictional reality, and the second team is all about gripping atmosphere and uncomfortable situations. It's amazing how suspicious storylines can bring so much satisfaction to thriller fans.

Movies of this genre are quite popular among the viewers. The secret of their success probably lies in the fact that they revolve around a mystery and keep you nervous, so you get some kind of adrenaline rush, but you are still safe on the sofa and just get excited by the fictional story. There are plenty of perfect thrillers to stream on Hulu, and here are ten of the best.

1. No One Will Save You (2023)

Fans of this movie claim that it kept them on the edge of their seats from the very first minute, and really suggest that you watch the entire movie without pausing. At the heart of the movie is the story of an abandoned young woman who suffers from her past mistakes. She lives alone in a huge house and communicates with no one. That’s why when her house is attacked by aliens, she can only rely on herself to save her.

2. How to Blow Up a Pipeline (2023)

The movie revolves around eight activists who decided to go on a mission to literally blow up a pipeline. Throughout the film, we get to understand how each of them ended up at this point in their lives and how they all decided to come together in the name of nature. The tension of the movie increases with every minute, and by the end you feel that the writers are playing with your nerves as they reveal the true nature of environmental activism.

3. God’s Country (2022)

Another gripping thriller-slash-drama tells the story of a young woman named Sandra, brilliantly portrayed by Thandiwe Newton, whose life falls apart piece by piece. All her life she has been fighting against racism, sexism, she couldn't even get her mother's approval. But after she died, Sandra just collapsed. All of her bottled up rage comes out after she spots two hunters trespassing on her property. And this slow-burning confrontation will lead to some terrible consequences.

4. Pig (2021)

Even Nicolas Cage's fans didn't expect him to give such an amazing performance. In the movie called Pig, which was released in 2021, he plays the role of an outsider named Rob. The man lives alone somewhere off the beaten track and has spent so many years in isolation that he has probably lost whatever social skills he once had.

The only living creature that keeps him company is his pig, with whom he hunts for truffles and then sells them to a city boy Amir. Rob's life gets complicated after someone steals the pig and hurts him. So he has to start a new life with the help of Amir. However, it turns out that is not so easy.

5. Fresh (2022)

This movie may turn modern girls against dating apps, and even though this story is fictional, we still warn you to be careful who you trust, so as not to end up in a situation like the main character of this movie, Noah. After another failed date, she gets so fed up with the whole being single situation and is ready to give up, but then she meets a perfectly cute young man, Steve, at the grocery store and they hit it off.

She agrees to go away with him for the weekend, and apparently it was a big mistake. On the trip, she discovers that her new boyfriend is actually pure evil and she might end up dead. So she does everything she can to survive.

6. Nightmare Alley (2021)

This masterpiece from acclaimed noir director Guillermo del Toro features an A-list cast that includes Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, and many other big names. The movie tackles many important themes at once, including fear, insecurity, greed and others. The story largely focuses on the villainous escapades of Stanton Carlisle, played by Cooper, and allows viewers to witness the rise and fall of a twisted individual.

7. Titane (2021)

With a 90% Rotten Tomatoes score, this thriller is a must-see for all fans of the genre. However, be prepared to see some pretty graphic scenes of violence. At the center of the story is a young woman, Alexia, who is forced to live inside a high-purity, medical-grade titanium alloy implant permanently attached to her skull.

However, she finds a way to truly live her life as she pleases, like becoming a go-go dancer at underground car shows. But everything gets messed up when fire chief Vincent unexpectedly reunites with his long-lost son, Adrien. How are they even connected to Alexia? You'll have to find out for yourself.

8. Shirley (2020)

This loose biopic of acclaimed horror novelist Shirley Jackson offers viewers a twisted tale of how far a person will go to achieve her perverted goals. Shirley follows the writer through a crisis when she decides to invite her friends, a young couple, to live in her mansion, but begins to play a manipulative and deadly dangerous game with them. Elisabeth Moss gives a perfect performance of a complicated Shirley Jackson and every scene she is in will make you tremble with fear.

9. Clock (2023)

This thriller-horror film revolves around 37-year-old Ella, a designer who seems to have it all: a loving husband, a successful career, a perfect house. The only thing she lacks is... children. Yet that seems to bother everyone but her.

However, all the random people pointing out that there must be something wrong with her get so deep under her skin that she agrees to an experimental therapy to find out what the problem is. But it is a huge mistake.

10. Run (2020)

You know a movie is going to be good when you see Sarah Paulson playing the complicated female lead. And Run is no exception. This mysterious thriller follows a twisted mother-daughter story that may not be what you think it is.

Chloe is a young girl in a wheelchair who dreams of leaving home and starting her own life. But her protective mother doesn't even give her a chance to think about it. As time goes by, Chloe begins to suspect that her mother may not be so protective after all...