10 Best Star Wars Projects to Watch Instead of The Acolyte if You Already Hate It

10 Best Star Wars Projects to Watch Instead of The Acolyte if You Already Hate It
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The Acolyte may not be that good, but there are a lot of other shows out there.

In recent years, the number of series set in a galaxy far, far away has increased dramatically. The variety of genres, forms and topics is amazing: every viewer, not only fans of the series, can find something to their taste.

On the occasion of the release of The Acolyte, which has already received negative reviews from fans, we have chosen ten of the best projects that you can watch instead of the new series.

1. Star Wars: Visions, 2021-2023

The first non-canon series released after Disney bought Lucasfilm, Visions is The Animatrix of the Star Wars universe, an anthology of 18 shorts divided into two seasons. Each episode is done in a unique style and tells its own little story.

The producers gave the writers maximum creative freedom. As a result, Visions offers a completely different take on traditional Star Wars, and it looks great. The authors clearly prove that canonicity does not equal quality and that the galaxy far, far away is primarily unique for its diversity. Visions is undoubtedly the best animated project in the franchise, even if it is technically outside its framework.

2. Star Wars: The Clone Wars, 2008-2020

The Clone Wars is one of the best animated shows in the galaxy far, far away. Over the course of seven seasons, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano fight for democracy and truth, unaware that they are bringing the tragic events of Revenge of the Sith closer.

The Clone Wars chronicles Anakin's dramatic descent into darkness and Ahsoka's loss of faith in her own Master. After acquiring Lucasfilm, Disney canceled The Clone Wars, but the studio quickly realized its mistake and allowed the series to conclude in 2020 with a seventh season, which is still considered the best not only within the series, but also among other projects in the franchise.

3. Star Wars: The Bad Batch, 2021-2024

If you like clones and stories about soldiers who find the strength to refuse to carry out criminal orders, then The Bad Batch is for you.

During the memorable events of Revenge of the Sith, when Emperor Palpatine issued Order 66, members of a clone squad realized the gravity of the situation and went on the run. Now the Bad Batch travels the galaxy, aiding the Resistance and hiding from bloodthirsty pursuers. The series itself has no impact on the global events of the universe, but it is extremely well done.

4. Andor, 2022-2024

Andor is currently the culmination of the franchise’s serial projects. It proves that Star Wars is not only about Jedi, Sith, stormtroopers and clones, but also a full-fledged espionage thriller.

The main secret of Andor lies in the amazingly vivid characters and the synthesis of human drama and political thriller. The creator of the project was not afraid to look at the familiar world of Star Wars not through the eyes of the Chosen One, but through the eyes of a simple engineer on one of the decks of a space station.

5. The Mandalorian, 2019-...

The Mandalorian's landmark first season marked the show's transition from global cinematic storytelling to intimate TV sci-fi. Jon Favreau's creation was virtually flawless at the time of its launch. A silent mercenary hiding his face under a helmet played by Pedro Pascal, a western setting, and baby Yoda as a cute sidekick — that's the simple formula that made The Mandalorian incredibly popular.

And while the second and third seasons are certainly inferior to the loud start, one cannot help but admit that The Mandalorian is one of the loudest events in the world of Star Wars.

6. Star Wars: Rebels, 2014-2018

Rebels remains one of the most important animated series in the universe. Set in the darkest days of the galaxy far, far away, between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, the show follows a ragtag group of rebels led by Ezra Bridger as they survive and confront the Galactic Empire in the ruins of the Republic.

The series features appearances by Ahsoka Tano and even Obi-Wan Kenobi, while the titular villains include the Inquisitors and Darth Vader himself.

Rebels is one of the first animated series in the Star Wars universe to tackle serious topics and set an unusually dark tone.

7. Ahsoka, 2023-...

Dave Filoni, Ahsoka's showrunner and curator of almost all of the franchise's animated content, continues to tell the story of a very special heroine. Ahsoka Tano is one of the few Star Wars characters whose long biography we can follow from beginning to end.

Ahsoka is the real Star Wars project — in some ways naive and sentimental, in others pretentious and over-the-top, but still exciting and authentic. Dave Filoni's series shows us new horizons, sends us to distant unexplored planets, pleases us with fan service and does not forget the politics.

8. Tales of the Jedi, 2022

In an attempt to expand the stories of characters known from other projects, Disney launched Tales of the Jedi, an animated anthology that also aims to show the direction in which the animated series of the new canon will develop.

Tales of the Jedi focuses on Count Dooku's fall into darkness and previously unknown details about the life of Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker's apprentice.

9. Star Wars: Ewoks, 1985

The Star Wars TV series began production immediately after the release of Return of the Jedi. The first steps were a little hesitant, and George Lucas believed in the potential of the series only for children and produced the animated series Ewoks in 1985.

The adventures of the funny mini-bears from the planet Endor were not distinguished by anything special and even seemed to be set beyond the universe.

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10. Star Wars: Droids, 1985

Another 1985 animated project, Star Wars: Droids, was, unlike Ewoks, an important part of George Lucas' canon.

The series introduced the planet names later used in The Clone Wars, and the space pirate Kybo Ren, whose name is suspiciously similar to one of the antagonists in the sequel trilogy.

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