10 Best K-Dramas For Those Who Miss Their High School Years

10 Best K-Dramas For Those Who Miss Their High School Years
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A temporary nostalgia boost is just enough.

Depending on how your school years went, you may have only the best or darkest memories of your entire teenage years. While some were the local stars of their class, attracted big companies, and had no problems with their studies, others barely managed to fight off bullies and get their homework done.

No matter what your past was like, your school days will still bring up nostalgic feelings from time to time. To deal with them as quickly as possible and return to adulthood, check out the 10 best school-themed K-dramas below.

Weak Hero Class (2022)

One of the things that no one misses about high school is bullying. No matter who you are, you are never safe from bullying when you walk into a room full of teenagers. However, if you are smart and have two very strong friends on your side, you can make it disappear once and for all. And this is exactly what Yeon Si-eun decides to do.

School 2013 (2012)

When faced with the task of managing one of the toughest classes in the entire school, there are no wrong methods to try. Even though Jung In-jae and Kang Sae-chan are the teachers with completely different optics, they both find themselves helpless in front of all teenage dramas, from bullying at school to problems with parents at home.

Dream High (2011)

What would happen if American Glee met K-dramas? Dream High would be one answer. The story follows 6 extraordinarily talented students at Kirin High School who all dream of becoming K-pop idols and are willing to overcome any challenges that stand in their way of a debut, followed by fame and success.

Love Alarm (2019)

One of the things that makes us all most nostalgic about the high school is romance. The feelings are all very bright and prominent, the hormones are at their peak, and everything seems very strong and final. But imagine a piece of technology that can tell you when someone has a crush on you? That changes everything.

The Heirs (2013)

It's unfair for teenagers to have to take on the responsibilities of adults, but for the kids at the center of this story, it comes with a lot of money. When the heir to his family business, who is already engaged to another wealthy heiress, falls in love with the poor girl, he's faced with a tough decision. He can either fight for his love or give it up for status.

Reply 1997 (2012)

If you stay in touch with your high school friends even after graduation, chances are you made the connections of a lifetime, so it’s important to cherish them. When 33-year-old Sung Shi-won meets up with her friends, they start to remember all the craziest moments they shared back in school, in 1997.

At Eighteen (2019)

Changing schools may be hard, but it's even harder when you have a reputation for a crime you didn't even commit. When Choi Joon-woo moves to Cheonbong High School, he becomes an easy target for all the bullies, who practice their cruel pranks on him. But with time things get better and he manages to befriend his crush, the top student Yoo Soo-bin.

True Beauty (2021)

You do not have to change who you are to be treated right...once you leave high school. Within its walls, everything works that allows you to escape the bullying and humiliation. Tired of being ashamed of her appearance, Lim Ju-kyung takes matters into her own hands and transforms herself into a goddess through the power of makeup.

Extracurricular (2022)

This drama follows a group of high school students who, for one reason or another, are forced to engage in criminal activity. Juggling their studies during the day and running a whole dark business empire at night, they manage to stay afloat and support each other. But underneath it all, they're still just vulnerable teenagers.

Extraordinary You (2019)

We all want to be the protagonists of our own lives, but what can we really do when we are just a bystander? When high school student Eun Dan-oh finds out that she's just a supporting character in someone else's comic book, destined for an unhappy ending, she takes matters into her own hands and embarks on a journey of finding true love.