10 Best Asian Horror Movies to Stream on Netflix

10 Best Asian Horror Movies to Stream on Netflix
Image credit: Netflix, Next Entertainment World

We all love our fair share of J and K-dramas — but how about some J and K-horrors? Here are the ten best movies to stream on Netflix, ranked by fans.

10. The 3rd Eye (2017)

Distrust in a family may lead to terrible consequences, truly. When an older sister hears from a shaman that her siblings' constant fear of everything is rooted in her open third eye, she demands that hers opens, too… But she’s definitely not ready to face what her younger sister has been living with throughout her entire life.

9. Still (2010)

Spooky stories are a must around any campfire, and Still provides you with a few new ones. An anthology movie, it follows four separate stories based on the events that happened in Thailand — or, rather, the headlines of the local newspapers. The otherworldly forces are insidious, and they came to earth to reap their harvest.

8. #Alive (2020)

Sometimes, being an antisocial gamer might just turn out in your favor, though, it’s not guaranteed. #Alive’s protagonist was lucky enough: thanks to his staying in his apartment all day, he gets the chance to barricade himself when a zombie apocalypse begins. But how can he save the charming neighbor girl, if at all?

7. Eerie (2018)

Not judging a book by its cover is the most basic lesson that many overlook. When suicide rate in an all-girls Catholic school skyrockets, everyone suspects the local groundskeeper. The school counselor doesn’t believe it, but she needs proof: she relies on her clairvoyant abilities and the ghost of a murdered girl to unveil the truth.

6. Secrets in the Hot Spring (2018)

What better way to mend fences with your rivals than to survive through a nightmare together? Three young students who don’t exactly like each other find themselves in one of their grandma’s old hotel. There are terrifying things happening in this place, and the grandmother herself appears to be more than just a charming old lady…

5. The Wailing (2016)

You should care about others even if the trouble’s not in your backyard just yet. A local policeman in a little village learns it the hard way: when the settlement gets consumed by a mysterious disease, he largely ignores it. Then, the disease strikes his daughter, and having wasted enough time already, he rushes to find a cure.

4. KL Zombi (2013)

It’s never too late to turn your life around, but it’s often hard. The decision naturally comes a lot easier when your life is in danger, though. When a zombie virus outbreaks ruins everything a young slacker called dear, he has no choice but to change his ways to survive, save the ones he cares about, and become a hero.

3. Sabrina (2018)

Sometimes, you just shouldn’t look back, even if you really want to. A tragedy breaks a happy family apart when a car accident takes the life of their young daughter. The mother finds herself a new man who creates a replica of the girl’s favorite doll to cheer her up, but bringing back the ghost of the past turns out to be an awful idea.

2. The Unborn Child (2011)

Speaking of ghosts of the past, The Unborn Child shows the same idea from a different angle. When their teenage daughter starts doing dangerous and scary things and claims it’s her new imaginary friend who makes her do them, her parents get understandably concerned. Their investigation uncovers the terrifying truth.

1. Train to Busan (2016)

There’s one thing The Walking Dead zombies lack, and it’s speed. That’s definitely not a problem in Train to Busan, though! When a father and his young daughter board their train, they don’t expect a zombie virus outbreak to happen in its confinement. Soon, they’re struggling to survive against hordes of their fellow passengers who were turned into unfathomably quick undead hunters.