10 Actors You Totally Didn't Notice in Marvel Movies

10 Actors You Totally Didn't Notice in Marvel Movies
Image credit: Marvel Studios

Joining the MCU is certainly one of the most coveted career opportunities commercial actors dream of, as Disney's paychecks are notoriously huge and millions of Marvel Comics fans love to support the actors who join the MCU family.

But what if an actor appeared in a Marvel movie, but no one really noticed? That's exactly what happened to 10 of the actors on this list, because you probably don't even remember them in iconic Marvel movies!

Yes, this list consists of a number of very talented Hollywood actors, and it is a great shame that their talents were basically wasted in these Marvel movies, as they were all capable of playing much more important comic book characters in MCU productions.

Take Stanley Tucci for example - this extremely talented actor is now unable to join the MCU in a meaningful role because of his brief stint as Dr. Abraham Erskine, a role that no one even remembers now.

However, at least Brad Pitt's role in "Deadpool 2" can't be called a total waste of his talent, as this short cameo was only created to tease the fans, as Pitt certainly has no interest in joining the MCU. And even though Pitt's face was only visible for a second or two in the movie, his role became much more memorable than others on this list.