Who’s There? 10 Non-Mainstream Horror Films You Can Watch If You Dare

Who’s There? 10 Non-Mainstream Horror Films You Can Watch If You Dare
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Are you brave enough to dive into the creepiest films you've probably never heard of?

We all have our favorite horror movies — the ones we eagerly recommend to friends or rewatch during those dark and stormy nights. But sometimes, the most haunting tales are the ones that haven't made it to the mainstream limelight.

If you've been craving some fresh scares or are simply looking for new horror cinema, here are 10 lesser-known horror films that just might become your new favorites.

Pandorum (2009)

You know the feeling when you wake up in an unfamiliar place and you're not quite sure where you are? Multiply that by a thousand and you get Pandorum.

Set in a spaceship where a pair of crew members wake up with no memory and soon discover that they're not alone. Think deep-space, claustrophobia, and creepy creatures. This sci-fi space horror movie is definitely worth your time.

Ravenous (1999)

This one is a blend of horror, dark comedy, and a touch of history. Set during the Mexican-American War, the movie has a remote military outpost starting to see some weird happenings after a stranger arrives.

Without giving too much away, let's just say there's cannibalism involved. What makes it special is its unique take on the Wendigo myth—the idea that consuming human flesh grants strength and power.

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Frailty (2001)

Directed and starred in by Bill Paxton, Frailty is a psychological horror thriller that will mess with your head. The plot revolves around a father who believes he's been chosen by God to kill demons, who appear as humans to everyone else.

The tension between the father and his two sons as they grapple with his claims makes this a must-watch. It's unsettling in the best way. Plus, the movie stars Matthew McConaughey.

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The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)

Zombie films have been done to death, but this British post-apocalyptic horror is a breath of fresh undead air. Based on the novel by M.R. Carey, the movie follows a unique girl named Melanie in a world overrun by zombies.

Melanie herself is a "hungry" (that’s how they call zombies) but she's not quite like the rest. The film challenges the conventions of the genre, making us question who the real antagonists are.

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The Rental (2020)

In the age of technology and online sharing, this movie touches on the paranoia many of us might feel about staying in a stranger's home. The scenic, isolated setting juxtaposes perfectly with the claustrophobic suspicion that grows throughout the film.

Directed by Dave Franco, The Rental is a suspense-filled modern horror about two couples who rent a seemingly perfect vacation home. But as the weekend progresses, secrets are revealed, and they realize they may not be alone.

Burnt Offerings (1976)

This isn't just another haunted house story. Burnt Offerings is equal parts psychological thriller and paranormal dread. It's slow, sure, but in the best way possible, drawing you in until you're right there in the house with the characters.

With each passing day, the family's vacation turns more and more into a nightmare. If haunted houses are your jam, you've got to check this one out.

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Let Me In (2010)

You might know Chloë Grace Moretz from her other horror roles, but this is one you might've missed. Let Me In is haunting in a way that gets under your skin.

The story of Owen, a bullied young boy, and his mysterious new friend Abby, is a mix of heartbreak and horror. As their friendship develops, Owen uncovers some disturbing truths about Abby that will leave you torn between terror and empathy.

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Spiral (2000)

No, not the one related to the Saw series. It’s time to mention some Japanese horror films. Spiral is the sort of film that messes with your mind, blending practical effects and early CGI seamlessly.

The film is about a series of mysterious deaths connected by a strange pattern. Without giving too much away, this movie isn't one where you can predict the ending. Dive in without expectations and prepare to have your mind twisted.

Exists (2014)

Bigfoot. Found footage. What could go wrong? Brought to life by Eduardo Sánchez, Exists takes on the mythical creature in a way that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The movie is raw, gritty, and definitely worth the watch. But we warn you: the way Bigfoot is depicted here will haunt your dreams.

Lake Mungo (2009)

Lake Mungo is a beautifully bleak Australian gem. Lake Mungo is one of those films that is as much about the journey as the destination. Posing as a documentary, it wraps you in its sad, suspenseful story, culminating in an ending that'll make you want to leave the lights on.

The chilling moments are sparse but potent, making the horror all the more impactful. And after you're done, you might want to throw on a comedy to lighten the mood.