Where Is The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco Today?

Where Is The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco Today?
Image credit: CBS

Just like her character, the actress keeps herself busy.

Unfortunately, the television entertainment industry has seen too many cases of very talented actors stuck in their roles forever, no matter how popular they were before.

Although some make a conscious decision to step out of the spotlight, others become victims of an unfortunate fate.

Kaley Cuoco, on the other hand, was sure to go back and take on as many projects as possible after The Big Bang Theory ended, and she was free from portraying Penny.

The next year after The Big Bang Theory ended, the actress starred in the series The Flight Attendant in the lead role of Cassie Bowden.

The TV show focuses on the reckless American flight attendant who entertains herself with alcohol and intimacy until one day she wakes up in a foreign country next to a dead body.

Seeing Cuoco in a different genre was very refreshing, and the TV show was well-received by critics. It ran for two years until 2022 and earned the actress a few nominations for her performance.

But she didn't stop there, she also appeared in the show Based on a True Story, which recently premiered on Peacock.

Based on a True Story is a comedy thriller and Kaley Cuoco once again stars as Ava Bartlett, a pregnant real estate agent who may be a little too passionate about true crime.

The show just aired, so you can still catch up if you see a little bit of yourself in Ava.

In addition to her television work, the actress has appeared in a few movies, including The Man from Toronto and Meet Cute.

What's even more exciting is that in March 2023, Kaley Cuoco gave birth to her daughter Matilda after confirming her relationship with actor Tom Pelphrey.

It seems that the actress manages to find a perfect balance between pursuing her career and working on her personal happiness.

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