Unjustly Canceled 90s Sci-Fi Gem Was the 'Trippiest Alien Saga Ever'

Unjustly Canceled 90s Sci-Fi Gem Was the 'Trippiest Alien Saga Ever'
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Just take us back — only to save all those overlooked treasures of the 1990s!

If we were to get a nickel every time we remembered a criminally underrated and unjustly canceled shows of the 90s that became cult later, we'd have way more nickels than we wanted.

But hey, it's our job to make sure that even after being unfairly sidelined, these shows remain in your watchlists purely for the justice. Besides, if you're a true sci-fi fan who is already tired of normies recommending to go see 3 Body Problem, we have a must-watch just for you.

Because what is sci-fi, first and foremost? It's space, aliens, unimaginable technologies, and the worlds we want to believe we'll discover one day. That's what Farscape, an old 90s show from the Sci-Fi Channel (SyFy today), is — a journey to infinity and beyond.

What is Farscape About?

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The sci-fi series takes us on a journey with John Crichton — a modern-day astronaut who accidentally flies into a wormhole near Earth and finds himself in the company of an ensemble of very diverse characters united by one goal — to escape from a corrupt militaristic organization called the Peacekeepers.

Naturally, Crichton would very much like to find a wormhole that'll take him back home, but instead, he travels through space, finds new friends, and overcomes challenges he never thought he would have to face.

Why Was Farscape Canceled?

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For four seasons, everything was okay for Farscape. Initially planned for a five-season run, the show was slowly and steadily moving to its closure — if it wasn't for the Sci-Fi Channel that decided that the ratings were too low to renew such an expensive show.

This is why Farscape wasn't just abruptly canceled — it had to bid adieu on a literal cliffhanger. Later, a three-hour miniseries titled Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars tried to tie all the loose ends, but it just didn't feel right for fans.

What Do Fans Think of Farscape?

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Even after all these years, the fact that Farscape never got the ending it planned and deserved bugs fans — especially considering the success of other mainstream shows about space.

"Farscape was a truly original science fiction show in a landscape that was dominated by Star Trek in the same way fantasy is dominated by Lord Of The Rings. The show was heavy metal and acid rock vs. Star Trek's classical symphony, and I will always love it for expanding my horizons on what science fiction programs could be," Redditor Knowledgeable_Owl said.

The "acid rock" metaphor is just on point, because Farscape wasn't afraid to mess around. For that, Entertainment Weekly even anointed it "one of the trippiest space sagas ever" when it included the show into its 25 Best Cult TV Shows from the Past 25 Years list in 2012.

Where to Watch Farscape Now?

You can stream the four seasons of Farscape on Peacock or fuboTV now, or buy them on Apple TV.