Top 5 Canadian Sitcoms You Need to Watch After Schitt's Creek

Top 5 Canadian Sitcoms You Need to Watch After Schitt's Creek
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If you haven't seen them all, you don't know what a sitcom is.

There’s no news when we say that the whole world is literally obsessed with some American sitcoms, like Friends, The Office, Parks and Rec, and many more. These shows are on almost everybody’s rewatch: all of us just choose a number 1 series and turn them into a comfort show we watch on every occasion.

However, after Schitt's Creek just arrived, it was clear that Canadian TV has a lot to offer as well. The show is so hilarious and well-written it makes you wonder what else there is in the national store.

So here we have 5 best Canadian sitcoms to check out after you are done (for a while) with Schitt's Creek.

1. Trailer Park Boys (2001-2018)

Well, we couldn't start with anything less iconic, so the choice for the first series in the list was pretty obvious. Trailer Park Boys is a follow-up show that was created after the huge success of a black and white documentary by Mike Clattenburg in 1999. Then he decided that the story should live on and made the sitcom happen.

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The series centers on three trailer park friends whose lives are nothing more than petty crime, police chases, and scheming. Ricky, Bubbles and Julian's shenanigans often land them in jail, but then they come out clean as a whistle.

The sitcom is amazing in its attempt to be a documentary, leaving fans both laughing and thinking about the harsh realities of life.

2. The Red Green Show (1991-2006)

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Another legendary show is The Red Green Show. The series follows a handyman named Red Green who lives in Possum Lodge and has a rather entertaining life full of misadventures.

Together with his nerdy nephew, they teach viewers how to build things to make life easier. Their interactions are amazing and really make the viewers feel like they are sitting in the backyard somewhere with their grandpa, making things for fun.

“Absolute classic show. Very, VERY Canadian in terms of its humor and production values. I mean, it's definitely low budget canon fare, but it's clever enough to stand out from most shows that fit into that category,” Redditor mr_bigmouth_502 said.

3. Letterkenny (2016-2023)

This sitcom gets mixed reviews from audiences, but the number of people who think it's hilarious and are sorry they haven't seen it before certainly outweighs that. Letterkenny is a quick-witted, fast-paced, snappy comedy about country folk trying to make it in a small town.

At the center of the story are siblings Wayne and Katy, who own a small farm and produce stand, and get to see Letterkenny's problems.

4. Corner Gas (2004-2009)

When a gas station is the only place to stop, you know a lot of action is going to happen. The sitcom follows Brent Butt, a man who became a successful comedian only to return to his small hometown and become a gas station owner.

The show has strong Seinfeld vibes, but with its own Canadian flair, because it's a character-driven show where anything can happen out of nowhere and quirkiness is put on a pedestal.

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5. Kim’s Convenience (2016-2021)

You've probably seen various little short videos set in a convenience store go viral on Instagram, and wondered what the show is. At the center of the show are the different unlikely adventures of a Korean-Canadian family running a store, while also trying to give all the best to their grown-up children.