These 10 Sequels Completely Trashed the Originals' Perfect Endings

These 10 Sequels Completely Trashed the Originals' Perfect Endings
Image credit: 20th Century Fox

Let's face it - well-received movie sequels are one of the rarest things in Hollywood, as too many fans are certain that continuing great movies is a terrible idea per se, refusing to even acknowledge the strengths of the sequel, preferring to hate it instead.

And it's not that the fans are wrong - Hollywood producers have been cashing in on successful movies for so long that the widespread disdain for various sequels, reboots, and revamps is entirely understandable. And more often than not, not only do sequels fail to add anything new, they actually ruin the originals themselves.

Here are 10 movie sequels that ruined perfectly good endings:

As you can see, the sequels mentioned on this list became extremely hated for one reason only - they destroyed the finales of the beloved previous installments, rendering the feelings of the fans and the hard work of the writers and directors worthless, which is something that fans will not like to forget.

The producers could have easily found a way to continue the franchises without undermining the integrity of the originals, and the fact that they didn't speaks volumes about the way the modern movie industry treats original ideas.

Sequels are okay when they give fans something new, but they are terrible when their sole purpose is to make the studios more money.