The Only Family Drama That Will Make You Forget All About Succession

The Only Family Drama That Will Make You Forget All About Succession
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When love and tragedies mix together.


  • Parenthood is a 2010 series that focuses on the difficulties of maintaining life in a large family.
  • At the center of the story are the members of the Braverman family.
  • The Bravermans have an iconic way of dealing with their problems, and that's what makes them truly unique.

Every family faces its own challenges, and there's no escaping that, but the important thing is how they choose to deal with them. And finding solutions that keep the family glued together is actually the biggest challenge of all.

There are many shows that focus on different dysfunctional families that are already considered to be iconic, like The Sopranos, Modern Family, The Middle, Gilmore Girls, and Succession.

However, some of them became legendary, and some stayed in the dark for too long, like in the case with Parenthood. The series’ season 1 was released in 2010 and it was a hit. The series has an 88% score on Rotten Tomatoes and that says something about its quality, right?

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Well, at the center of the show is a large Braverman family, with several generations intermingled. The series gives viewers the unique opportunity to explore the complex dynamics of multigenerational relationships in a single show, tackling issues such as autism, adoption, addiction and marital struggles with all the needed sensitivity.

What fans of the show mention about it is its authenticity because of all the different range of emotions it lets fans feel at the same time. The storyline can start with a joke and then turn into something so dramatic out of nowhere that you end up sniffing a paper towel.

And that's what makes it so real and relatable. Nobody wants to see a show about a perfect family where no one has any flaws, but an honest portrayal of how a family can struggle as a unit is what can give viewers hope.

“I was not expecting how emotional it would get starting in season 3 and continue throughout, but I loved it. I loved this messy family. I loved the way it made me laugh and feel so connected to these fictional characters; they feel like family,” Redditor Kiki933 said.

If you feel like giving Parenthood a chance, you can stream it on Hulu.