The OA Season 3 Paving the Way to Reality with Game-Changing Multi-Year Deal

The OA Season 3 Paving the Way to Reality with Game-Changing Multi-Year Deal
Image credit: Netflix

There's still hope.

One of the most important and unusual shows of the 21st century, the sci-fi drama The OA, was canceled after its second season. And this is probably the worst decision Netflix has ever made.

In 2016, the world of television was very different than it is today: auteur series were still a rare exception to the rule. Breakthroughs like Paolo Sorrentino's TV arthouse The Young Pope only set the stage for David Lynch's magnum opus, the 18-hour Twin Peaks Season 3, released a year later.

The OA Was One of the Biggest TV Events of 2010s

And even against this backdrop, the first season of The OA stood out for its mystery, its sincerity, and its uncompromising pressure on the viewer to believe in the most fantastic things.

It's no exaggeration to say that the "Netflix presents" credits, which appear more than 50 minutes into the pilot episode against the backdrop of a snowy forest, are easily one of the most unforgettable television moments of the decade.

For the show's creators, Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, it's probably something of the main story of their lives: The OA makes their other movies about the humble time traveler in Sound of My Voice and the mere two alternate worlds of Another Earth seem like mere setups.

The OA is not only a parallel universe saga, but also a noir detective story, a teen cyber horror, and even a Lovecraftian encounter with a superintelligence from the unknown depths of nature.

The second season of The OA was released five years ago, in 2019, but the project has attracted a surprisingly devoted fan base – viewers still discuss theories, and continue to sign petitions asking for the series to be renewed for at least one more season.

Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij Signed a Deal with Sister

Recent news, however, has excited The OA fanbase, as there is tangible hope that the show will continue. Marling and Batmanglij have signed a deal with production company Sister, headed by Cindy Holland. Brit and Zal will produce film and television projects for the company.

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The important detail in this deal is that Holland previously served as head of TV content at Netflix, and it was she who worked with Brit and Zal on The OA. So there is every reason to believe that Holland shares Marling and Batmanglij's desire to continue the story of their greatest creation.

“Hoping for season 3, 4, & 5 please. And new stuff too. Everything they do has such a singular and unique feeling. It’s such a relief to know that everyone involved wants to finish the story,” Reddit user oblivious_zombi wrote.

So all the efforts of the fans may be fruitful – it is quite possible that we will see a new season of The OA in a few years.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter