The CW Cancels Yet Another Original Show In Favor of Rebranding

The CW Cancels Yet Another Original Show In Favor of Rebranding
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Will any of the shows be coming back?

With the Riverdale finale in August 2023, The CW officially entered what seemed to be a new era of content. While some other series were still wrapping up, network executives shared ambitious plans to finally switch audiences, make the network profitable, and join ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox as a major network.

Whether The CW has achieved the financial goals it set for itself remains to be seen. What is obvious is the change in the series lineup for the 2024/2025 season, with many TV series either left out as there was no confirmation of their renewal, or very different from what the channel used to show.

Is Walker Renewed for Season 5?

Now it seems that The CW is about to cut all ties with the star of one of the most popular shows the network has ever produced, Supernatural. Season 4 of Jared Padalecki 's Walker will be the last to be produced by the network.

As the most watched show on The CW right now, the cancellation obviously has nothing to do with anything other than the network's ongoing efforts to completely reboot its programming.

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The network has also lost its relationship with Jared Padalecki, who has been an unofficial ambassador for more than 20 years and was involved in Walker not only as an actor but also as an executive producer. Now, Padalecki has already been contacted by Eric Kripke, who is ready to snatch him up for Prime Video 's The Boys.

An official statement from The CW doesn't go into detail about the reasons for the cancellation, but rather focuses on praising the cast and crew. It reads as follows:

“We want to thank the entire cast, crew, writers, directors and producers of Walker for their hard work and dedication over four incredible seasons. We also want to give a special thanks to star and executive producer Jared Padalecki, who has been a member of The CW family for over 20 years and was integral to some of the biggest hits on the network.”

There is still a small chance that Walker will live to see another day, if the show is picked up by another network. However, judging by Jared Padalecki's own post on Instagram that broke the news, the cancellation feels pretty final.

This cancellation, along with Superman & Lois airing its final season this fall, makes the chances of another The CW hit, All American, getting renewed pretty slim. On the other hand, the show fits in with the bunch of new sports programming the network is premiering next season. Be sure to keep an eye out to stay updated on all the changes at The CW.

Source: Deadline