The 10 Best Netflix Original Movies to Stream in April 2024

The 10 Best Netflix Original Movies to Stream in April 2024
Image credit: Netflix

You won't be able to find these movies anywhere aside from Netflix (because Netflix made them), and you won't have a better time to watch them.

Some of them recently came into the spotlight again due to the Oscars, but others are also worthy of your attention.

Netflix had a rocky start with its original content but ultimately changed the industry. Before them, movies that didn't have a theatrical release weren't allowed to be nominated for Oscars, but the pandemic and Netflix's aggressive release schedule forced the Academy to reconsider its stance on this type of content.

The reason is simple: after all these years of experimentation, Netflix became a solid household name that was able to recruit talented filmmakers, both very well-known and those who are just starting in the industry but have a promising future.

The result is great: we have more movies to enjoy at home, ones that you won't be pausing after the first five minutes of watching, and ones that won't leave a sour taste in your mouth after the finale. Or maybe they would, but it would be completely intentional.

And the diversity of Netflix's library is amazing: pick any genre and you'd find something.