Striking Actors Are Roasting The Flash to Get to Warner Bros. and This Is Just Hilarious

Striking Actors Are Roasting The Flash to Get to Warner Bros. and This Is Just Hilarious
Image credit: Warner Bros.

The Flash has failed so beautifully that we thought it could not surprise us anymore, but now the striking actors are roasting Warner Bros. for this failure, too.

As the double strike of writers and actors continues, Hollywood has been stuck in limbo for weeks now. Despite the complete halt, some of the producers and executives are delusional enough to…brag about the money the strikes have saved them! Truly, a man’s ignorance knows no limits, and this is a prime example of that.

It was one of Warner Bros. bosses, Gunnar Wiedenfels, who decided to take a stand and publicly celebrate that the joint strike had saved his company $100M recently because of all the stopped production. Wiedenfels for some reason didn’t celebrate WB losing over a billion in this quarter, though…but that’s beside the point for now.

These comments about Warner Bros.’ “savings” because of the strike left the strikers half-laughing and half-furious. It was only a matter of time before someone made a quip at the WB boss, and when the time came, it was Mythic Quest’s Naomi Ekperigin who stood up to roast the man.

However, as if publicly roasting Wiedenfels wasn’t enough, Naomi also took a shot at The Flash, the one and only “best superhero movie ever,” and she sure didn’t miss it.

“That’s like half of what you spent on The Flash movie that nobody saw. That really gets you out of the hole you put yourself into when you made the merger,” the Mythic Quest star pointed out.

This is quite an accurate observation, but Naomi didn’t stop there: she had to make a point, and apart from making fun of WB and its bosses, she spoke some harsh truth.

“As we’re learning, for a CEO, $100 million is really about 57 cents. That may be a short-term save, what does that mean long-term? Based on everything that [the AMPTP] has said, on and off the record, it seems as though the bottom line is all that matters, and not the human costs that this has taken. Which is not surprising, but certainly very disappointing,” Ekperigin added.

Well, that was one hell of a roast if we’ve ever seen one, and we’re definitely impressed with the precision of the Mythic Quest star’s reply to the WB bosses. Now, it’s not that Naomi’s comments will change much in the studio’s approach, but it’s always nice to see someone speak the truth so plainly and openly…

…and the fact that she took the extra step to make a quip at The Flash is just the cherry on top.

Source: The Wrap