Steve Carell’s Drama Based on a Devastating True Story Arrives on Netflix

Steve Carell’s Drama Based on a Devastating True Story Arrives on Netflix
Image credit: Universal Pictures

The Office star is no stranger to dramas at all.

We bet that the name of Steve Carell is mostly associated with the hilarious and awkward Michael Scott from The Office sitcom (2005 - 2013) that became a breakthrough role for the actor.

However, Carell is also very much of a drama performer, and it’s proved by his roles in Battle of the Sexes (2017), Beautiful Boy (2018) and Apple TV ’s hit series The Morning Show (2019 - …). There is a 2018 movie that displays the actor’s drama talent even more.

The film’s plot revolves around Mark, a creative young man who falls victim to an attack of a group of relentless supremacists and then tries to cope with memory loss and severe post-traumatic stress disorder, but nothing seems to be working for him.

He finds a way out in creating an art installation that represents a fictional village with breathtakingly realistic dolls. It is this fantasy world that helps Mark to find the lost strength and to face his past and present, as well as to return his hopes for the future.

This synopsis already seems to be unique and offers a number of touching and spectacular moments related to Mark’s battle with PTSD through putting together pieces of his own paper town. But what if we say that it’s based on real-life events?

Indeed, such a situation is not fictional like Mark’s town. Similar situation once happened to the artist Mark Hogancamp and the author of a miniature town in Kingston named Marwencol, who was discharged with brain damage after an attack at a bar.

Titled Welcome to Marwen, Carell’s movie makes a heartbreaking drama of this story and perfectly blends the onscreen reality with Mark’s visions of his installation.

Disappointingly, it was a box office failure that was panned by critics for the inconsistent tone and screenplay, but received glowing praise for Carell’s acting. Yes, The Office star here delivers one of the best performances of his whole career.

Therefore, if you’re a fan of Carell or enjoy dramatical true stories, don’t miss this movie. Check out Welcome to Marwen, as will be available to stream Netflix on June 16.