Ryan Reynolds’ Controversial Spy Thriller Is a New Netflix Chart Climber

Ryan Reynolds’ Controversial Spy Thriller Is a New Netflix Chart Climber
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Here comes a perfect choice for The Bourne series’ fans.

Being recognized as one of the main action stars of the 21st century, the IF actor made his name known all around the world with his thriller Buried (2010) and a number of superhero flicks, including Green Lantern (2011) and, of course, Deadpool ( 2016).

However, there is a lesser-known movie starring Reynolds that blends thriller and action elements. Even though it was aired in 2012 and was thought to be forgotten, it is now holding the third place in Netflix ’s global chart, topping Glen Powell ’s Hit Man.

The film’s plot revolves around Matt Weston (played by Reynolds), a CIA officer on a low-level posting in Cape Town, South Africa. He eventually gets a chance to prove himself, as he’s in charge of a safe house where agents are interrogating a renegade.

The operation doesn’t go as planned, as all of a sudden it gets interfered with by an attack of mercenaries. It is Weston who escapes with the CIA suspect and teams up with him in an attempt to save their lives and to figure out who to trust.

This synopsis offers quite an atypical thriller story, as here the protagonist and the antagonist must unite and act together on their way to find out the truth. Be sure you’ll be blown away by the final plot twist that is promised to tear the masks off.

For its curious mix of genres it starts being reminiscent of Matt Damon’s Bourne franchise. If you’re a fan of this spy series, you’ll enjoy Reynolds’ top-tier flick.

Disappointingly, it earned mixed reviews at the time, with the movie’s plot development and action sequences being claimed to be poor. Nevertheless, it received glowing praise for acting performances, and it’s an achievement of not only its leading actor.

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The Deadpool star is here accompanied by such recognized stars, as Denzel Washington as the new ally, Vera Farmiga, Brendan Gleeson, Sam Shepard and Robert Patrick.

Titled Safe House, this movie appears to be a must-watch for fans of action-packed spy flicks. Even though it can be generic in some aspects, it still offers impeccable acting.

Have a good movie chill with this thriller, as Reynolds’ Safe House is available for streaming on Netflix.