Ryan Reynolds' 7 Biggest Box Office Bombs That Deserved Better

Ryan Reynolds' 7 Biggest Box Office Bombs That Deserved Better
Image credit: Legion-Media

Let's not talk about Green Lantern, for a change, and focus on something less obvious – films that really deserve a second chance.

Ryan Reynolds has had his fair share of hits, but even the most charming of actors can't save every film, and in his career, there are a few that crashed and burned at the box office, not because they lacked his trademark charisma, but perhaps they were just misunderstood gems.

These seven movies, often labeled as 'bombs', really deserved a second look, as beneath their lackluster earnings and critical side-eyes, there's something more, a spark of something special that just didn't catch fire the way it should have.

It's like finding those underrated tracks in your favorite artist's album, the ones that never made it to the radio but have all the makings of a hit.

These films are the underdogs of Reynolds' career, where his quick wit and undeniable charm are there, but for some reason, the stars just didn't align for a box office smash.

So, let's give these so-called flops another chance, because sometimes, the best treasures are hidden behind an unassuming facade, waiting to be rediscovered and appreciated for the hidden gems they truly are.