Ryan Gosling’s Comedy Suddenly Beats Zendaya’s Highly Anticipated Drama in Box Office

Ryan Gosling’s Comedy Suddenly Beats Zendaya’s Highly Anticipated Drama in Box Office
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His Kenergy is still doing the thing.


  • The current US box office is witnessing a big competition between this year’s biggest releases starring Ryan Gosling and Zendaya with the former’s movie suddenly surpassing the rival during the opening weekend.
  • Featuring Emily Blunt in the leading role as well, the movie follows a stunt man who decides to help his ex-girlfriend find the lost leading actor that was supposed to star in her directorial debut.
  • Despite average expectations, the film eventually found a lot of love not only among the viewers, but also with the critics, ending up with an impressive score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Not many may have expected this, but now it’s all official. Ryan Gosling’s brand new action comedy The Fall Guy has dethroned Zendaya’s heavily marketed sports drama Challengers with the former grossing almost $28 million in the domestic box office and $64 million worldwide during the opening weekend.

David Leitch’s homage to his first ever work as a stunt man was initially quite a questionable competitor, but now the movie’s incredibly good performance in theaters proves that we were wrong all along.

Starring Barbie ’s Ryan Gosling and Oppenheimer ’s Emily Blunt, The Fall Guy follows Colt Seavers whose entire career is jeopardized after an accident which forces him to leave his job and girlfriend Jody, a camerawoman then.

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Some time later Colt suddenly finds himself on the set of his ex-girlfriend's directorial debut that may now be totally ruined after the leading actor vanished for no reason. Determined to win Jody’s love back, Colt embarks on a personal investigation of the actor’s disappearance simultaneously trying to deal with a big conspiracy surrounding the film and still doing his job, now different from what he used to do all his life.

Several days after the official theatrical release, The Fall Guy is nothing but a raving success not only with the moviegoers, but also with the critics. As of now, the movie can boast of a solid score of 83% from the professionals and 87% from the audience with several viewers mentioning that the film indeed turned out better than that had expected.

During The Fall Guy’s promotional events Gosling and Blunt revealed that they had managed to develop a credible love line between Colt and Jody by getting the whole inspiration from the relationships that director David Leitch and his wife and creative partner Kelly McCormick had.

Blunt later on also admitted that her character was partially inspired by Greta Gerwig.

The Fall Guy is now playing in theaters worldwide.