Rob Lowe Would Return For A Parks & Rec Reboot Under One Condition

Rob Lowe Would Return For A Parks & Rec Reboot Under One Condition
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It's been a while since Parks and Recreation ended its last season but the hopes to see the cast onscreen again have never been higher.

Adding to the hype, Rob Lowe confirmed that he would agree to take part in a Parks and Recreation reboot in an interview with Parade. He has only one condition: series lead Amy Poehler should direct the comeback.

Rob Lowe entered Parks and Recreation in the second season as Chris Traeger, a state auditor visiting the government of the fictional city of Pawnee to help solve their financial issues. Initially, Rob Lowe's appearance was not intended to last more than a season. But he did almost immediately become a fan-favorite character and the show couldn't let him go for another 4 seasons. Only at the end of season six his character was finally written off gently and sent off to explore the joys of fatherhood in Michigan. He did eventually appear in the show's finale in 2015. He also joined in the Parks and Recreation special in 2020, filmed from the actors' homes during the COVID-pandemic.

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One of the reasons Chris Traeger ended up as such a successful character was probably the unprecedented cheerfulness that was an unusual fit to the image of the teen idol of the 80-s. Speaking with Conan O'Brien in 2010, actor suggested that the writers of the show spend most of the time inventing ways to humiliate him on the daily basis. He became the symbol of goofy positivity. But his cheerful approach was much needed in the darkest times. As Chris Traeger puts it himself in the show, "If I had anybody tell me that I have cancer, I would want it to be me!"

Rob Lowe is not the first member of the show who expressed interest in returning. Earlier this year in an interview with People, lead actress Amy Poehler reveals that she is open to a Parks and Recreation reboot.

Similar statements came from Nick Offerman, who played Ron Swanson on the show; the actor revealed that he would love the chance to reunite the cast, and even Chris Pratt was willing to return if he can fit the comeback into his very busy filming schedule.

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But Poehler's words and determination make the reboot seem real. "Anytime anybody gives me the word, and I'm down," she said. Literally. While Amy only directed several episodes of the show, she has become an even more successful director and producer in the following years. Among other projects co-created the TV series Russian Doll, the documentary Lucy and Desi, and Netflix 's hit film Moxie. And she is totally ready to sit in the director's chair.

Does it mean that the reboot is actually happening? No signs of it yet, but we all know that successful sitcoms don't just die forever. Eventually, they return and better be now when both the fans and the cast are excited about the prospect.