Rings of Power's Galadriel Actress Finally Weighs in on Fan Backlash After S1

Rings of Power's Galadriel Actress Finally Weighs in on Fan Backlash After S1
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The actress is surprisingly okay with all the criticism.

The prequel to The Lord of the Rings was surrounded by scandal immediately after its release. Viewers and critics alike were polarized, with reviews ranging from enthusiastic to downright pessimistic.

It turns out that some of the show's actors not only do not try to argue with the fans, but also understand their claims.

The actress who plays Galadriel, Morfydd Clark, recently shared her thoughts on the criticism of The Rings of Power.

"Because I'm a fan of this type of genre, I've read books that have then been turned into things, and I've been like, I don't think the house would've looked like that.

So, I really get it. […] I think there's an idea that you can't please everyone. But also, I do respect the ownership of her because I know if I was on the other side, I'd also be feeling like that,'' the actress said in her interview with Vanity Fair.

Morfydd shared that she has been a fan of Tolkien's works since childhood and has seen The Lord of the Rings movies many times.

At first, she did not even know that she was auditioning for a Tolkien project, which she only found out from one of the actresses who came to the audition.

Even after a successful casting, she was not told who she would be playing in the show for a long time, and discovered only when arrived in New Zealand. Apparently, Amazon likes surprises.

The Rings of Power was seemingly destined to be reviled.

The fact that the studio could not buy the rights to The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales or The History of Middle-earth forced the writers to essentially come up with a new story that would not contradict The Lord of the Rings, but also not follow The Silmarillion, otherwise they would be sued.

But if you take the series as an independent work, then it's just a decent show.

The one that manages to quickly familiarize you with an unusual world and a dozen characters, showcasing several unusual heroes and giving each of them their own interesting arc.

Fans can only hope that season 2 manages to work through the chaos of a lot of storylines and flaws and get as close as possible to what everyone was expecting in season 1.

The second season will be released in 2024.