Newest R-Rated Puppet Horror Way Scarier Than Five Nights at Freddy's Drops on Shudder in May

Newest R-Rated Puppet Horror Way Scarier Than Five Nights at Freddy's Drops on Shudder in May
Image credit: IFC Films, Universal Pictures

Missed it in theaters? The wait is almost over.

If you though Five Nights at Freddy's was fun but not too scary, we think we have a puppet horror movie that will make you want to rewatch the Josh Hutcherson movie just to calm yourself down.

A Shudder freshest original, this one has already tickled the nerves of moviegoers in February, collecting a modest box office of a little more than $800,000. The movie, titled Stopmotion, has drawn a very different reaction from critics and viewers: while the former were left in awe (proved by 90% on Tomatometer), the audience wasn't that impressed, giving it only 50%.

While Five Nights at Freddy's is an example of puppet horror movie that clearly enjoyed a more massive success, Stopmotion is your must-watch if you crave something way scarier and unsettling than just moderately scary animatronics in an abandoned pizza place.

What Is Stopmotion About?

The movie has us meeting Ella Blake — a stop-motion animator who suddenly loses her overbearing mother and feels completely alone in this world. Her trauma makes her fight her demons, and, well, lose.

To deal with it, she dives fully into her work, and her new project is a stop-motion movie (duh). However, instead of helping her with her trauma, the project only challenges her sanity even more as Ella's own characters suddenly get a horrifying lives of their own.

Reddit's Verdict on Stopmotion

Despite the low Rotten Tomatoes audience score, it seems that horror fans on Reddit have largely enjoyed the movie — at least that's what people who have already seen it in theatres say.

"I think it was an incredible deconstruction on the whole notion of "art is suffering", this idea of certain artists completely committing themselves to their work, even if it means destroying themselves and the people around them along the way," said Redditor QTPIE247.

However, one should keep in mind that Stopmotion has an R rating for a reason — many people even walked out of the theaters when things got way too gory. So, as Redditors warn, if you have a weak stomach or don't particularly enjoy watching body mutilation in details, maybe this one is a skip for you.

When Does Stopmotion Release on Shudder?

Stopmotion will be available to watch on Shudder starting May 31.