New Project of Game of Thrones and 3 Body Problem Showrunners Revealed

New Project of Game of Thrones and 3 Body Problem Showrunners Revealed
Image credit: Legion-Media, Netflix

David Benioff and Dan Weiss only just released their new sci-fi hit, but they’re already working on their next Big Thing.

Primarily known for their work on Game of Thrones before, the dynamic duo of producers Benioff and Weiss is now largely celebrated for their new Netflix series 3 Body Problem. However, D&D don’t intend to rest on their laurels: they’re already beginning work on a new project, tapping into an entirely different genre this time.

Forget low fantasy and sci-fi, Benioff and Weiss are heading for historical drama!

What Is Death by Lightning About?

3 Body Problem clearly endeared the Game of Thrones creators to the idea of working with Netflix as their next TV show Death by Lightning will also be made under the black-and-red banner. The upcoming series will take a step back from creative fiction like fantasy and sci-fi, focusing on historical drama, instead.

Spoiler alert: Death by Lightning is largely not about someone dying from lightning.

D&D’s new TV show will follow the rise and fall of 20th US President James Garfield and the obsession of his admirer-turned-rival Charles Guiteau. The latter falsely believed that Garfield was elected President thanks to him and demanded huge rewards from him, resulting in his being pissed off and assassinating Garfield after several rejections.

Benioff and Weiss Might Continue Their Trend

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Due to their mishandling of Game of Thrones’ final seasons, its creators were largely labeled by fans. Seeing their new work, 3 Body Problem, significantly shifted many people’s poor opinion of the creative duo, but the funniest part was how obviously D&D were still not over their breakthrough show.

For all its brilliance, 3 Body Problem featured all too many Game of Thrones-ish elements, from dramatic music scores and gory scenes to literally casting the same actors. It proved to be a turn-off for some fans and an endearing thing to others, but!

Now, we’re curious to see whether the same trend continues into Death by Lightning. Will we see Davos Seaworth transform into James Garfield and Ramsay Bolton into Charles Guiteau? Who knows, but that would definitely be mighty funny to see.