Netflix’s Newest Dystopian K-Drama Set to Eat Parasyte: The Grey & 3 Body Problem

Netflix’s Newest Dystopian K-Drama Set to Eat Parasyte: The Grey & 3 Body Problem
Image credit: Netflix

It seems to be a perfect title to dethrone the old hits from Netflix’s chart.


  • Netflix 's new science fiction show is just around the corner, promising to satisfy people’s growing interest in the genre.
  • It follows South Korean people facing the threat of an asteroid strike, coming in 200 days, and their attempt not to lose hope in the obstacles of constant panic.
  • This dystopia will be able to compete with the platform’s current sci-fi hits, such as 3 Body Problem and Parasyte: The Grey.

Based on Chinese science fiction author Liu Cixin's bestselling novel, the 3 Body Problem series continues to be a prominent feature of Netflix’s Global Chart, even two months after its airing. However, the platform is preparing to release another Asian sci-fi series, which can replace Cixin's adapted hit and even surpass it by the quality.

The upcoming show starts by an emergency siren delivering chilling news of an asteroid strike, which is coming to hit the planet in 200 days. The society of South Korea, which is identified as a danger zone, plunges into madness with riots, crime and the constant threat of use of weapons.

It then centers on three main characters, among whom stands out Se-kyung (played by the Hospital Playlist star Ahn Eun-jin), a school teacher who volunteers to protect children in danger.

Another two focuses of the series are Sung-jae (Jeon Seong-woo), the assistant priest who takes care of the believers, and the battalion commander In-a (Kim Yoon-hye), trying to maintain peace on the streets.

Apart from belonging to the same genre, this series is similar to 3 Body Problem in its exploration of the behavior of people facing the threat of the apocalypse. However, this time it’s connected not with the aliens, but with a destructive space phenomenon.

More than that, it also has a solid book source to lean on. The 12-episode Korean series is based on the novel The Fool at the End of the World by the Japanese author Kotaro Isaka. He is known for his 2010 novel Maria Beetle, which was adapted for Brad Pitt’s 2022 movie Bullet Train, and, overall, for his insightful social commentary.

Thus, the new series, distinctly titled Goodbye Earth, is going to mix science fiction with psychological drama raising essential issues. Its director and screenwriter, Kim Jin-min and Jeong Seong-joo are both known for their artful takes on social themes.

Besides, the upcoming series will continue the current trend for the South Korean shows, given Netflix’s Parasyte: The Grey’s recent worldwide success and the large number of K-dramas being released every month by the streaming platforms.

While Goodbye Earth is scheduled for airing on Netflix on April 26, all that is left here is to try to guess whether it can beat today’s top tier sci-fi hits or not.