Most Anticipated Horror Just Debuted with 100% on RT & Here’s Where You Can Watch It Soon

Most Anticipated Horror Just Debuted with 100% on RT & Here’s Where You Can Watch It Soon
Image credit: Neon

This is undoubtedly the most anticipated project for horror fans right now.

When it comes to independent film companies, A24 is usually the first to come to mind, but there are other ones that are promoting independent films – Neon, for example.

This is a fairly young studio, founded in 2017, but it has already managed to release several of its own projects. As well as a large number of festival hits and indie films, including Parasite, I, Tonya, Triangle of Sadness and Anatomy of a Fall. Last year, Neon acquired the distribution rights to another film with an intricate plot and took a rather unusual approach to promoting it.

Longlegs Received a Rather Unusual Ad Campaign

The psychological horror Longlegs was announced two years ago. At the same time, it was announced that Nicolas Cage would play one of the lead roles. A recognizable face is a great advantage for an advertising campaign, but Neon went the other way.

The studio wants to attract viewers not with a famous face, but with an intriguing atmosphere, which is what the movie's teaser is all about. In the short clip, FBI agents enter a building with flashlights and stumble upon a mysterious hiding place. As they open it, the footage suddenly changes and a figure covered in a black veil appears in the frame.

Then NEON launched an entire website dedicated to the serial killer played by Cage. The studio left a cryptic ad in the Seattle Times that, when deciphered, led to the discovery of The Birthday Murders website. The site itself details the victims of the serial killer Longlegs, a psychopathic Satanist who has been terrorizing families across the Pacific Northwest for nearly three decades.

What is Longlegs About?

The horror movie centers on an unsolved case of finding a serial killer. Lee Harker, a young and capable woman who has just joined the police force, is assigned to solve the dark crimes.

Gradually, the investigation becomes more complicated, new frightening evidence is discovered, and Lee suddenly establishes a personal connection with the ruthless maniac.

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Where and When to Watch Longlegs?

Although Longlegs has not been released yet, we already have the first reviews. You can be sure that this horror movie will amaze you not only with its atypical advertising campaign, but also with its plot – Longlegs has 100% Rotten Tomatoes, which is an almost impossible result for a project in this genre.

The good news is that we don't have to wait until Halloween to see the new horror hit – Longlegs hits theaters on July 12th. So mark your calendars!