Mare of Easttown May Get Season 2 Soon, but It Will Be True Detective-Like Fatal Mistake

Mare of Easttown May Get Season 2 Soon, but It Will Be True Detective-Like Fatal Mistake
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Do we really need a second season of Mare of Easttown?

“Who needs a fourth season of True Detective? ” — the media wrote, praising HBO's strategy of not limiting itself to popular franchises, but creating unique one-off projects. And in 2021 it was Mare of Easttown starring Kate Winslet.

Mare of Easttown became one of the most important TV events three years ago for a reason. The detective line in this project successfully competes with a purely dramatic one — the story of how a tired woman, living under the same roof with a drinking mother, a teenage daughter and a five-year-old grandson, tries to stay afloat with one hand holding a bottle and the other in a cast.

Season 2 Is Still a Possibility

The finale, like the entire season, was a success. Kate Winslet and the entire film crew more than lived up to the expectations of critics and viewers.

And despite the fact that the creators initially announced the series as a mini-project, they do not deny that a continuation of Mare's story is quite possible. HBO's head of drama Francesca Orsi said in an interview:

“We are having early discussions about whether it might be time to start thinking of building something. We might be willing to figure out with Mare, years later, picking her up — not on the heels of where she ended, but there have been years for the character that have passed.”

The series team has already mastered the art of realistically portraying the lives of provincial police officers in the first season. If there is a second season, it will be possible to get to know the investigation of crimes in small towns in almost documentary detail.

The creators promise that they will return with a second season only if the viewers express their interest in the show and if the writers come up with another equally exciting story to tell.

Mare of Easttown Should Remain a Mini-Series, Fans Say

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However, the idea of continuing the show, originally conceived as a miniseries, was not well received by fans. In their opinion, small independent stories should remain as such and not become a tool to increase ratings by using well-known successful projects.

“There’s been a disturbing shift toward building up established IP instead of original series, the rest of the industry has been doing it for years but it’s sad to see HBO doing the same,” Reddit user Accomplished-City484 wrote.

When Matthew McConaughey agreed to play Rust Cohle in True Detective, the actor made it a condition that the story would only last one season. Apparently, McConaughey, like many viewers, is already tired of projects that start off extremely successful, then become a cash cow for the network and lose quality from season to season.

No one knows what the second season of Mare of Easttown will be like if it gets made, but the trend of extending already completed and independent stories began a long time ago and has produced more disappointments than truly worthy projects.