Knives Out 3 First Look Surprises Fans with the Biggest Change to Benoit Blanc

Knives Out 3 First Look Surprises Fans with the Biggest Change to Benoit Blanc
Image credit: Netflix

Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery director just shared the first look at new Benoic Blanc, and one thing immediately stands out.

After a solid several centuries of non-stop detective stories being thrown at the public, you’d somewhat expect the genre to have exhausted itself. But crime mysteries still maintain their status as the go-to option for those willing to enjoy a story and make their brains work at the same time, and there’s no shortage of new original stories that defy the genre’s laws.

Knives Out Refreshed the Detective Genre

To this day, we remember when in 2019, Chris Evans said “knives out” and started kniving out everyone in the room as if it happened yesterday. But in all seriousness, five years ago, the detective genre wasn’t looking too hot — or at least, not nearly as hot as it does now. Then, Rian Johnson released Knives Out, and the tides turned.

From re-introducing Daniel Craig to the world of big cinema to reinventing classic crime mystery tropes, Johnson made his movie a certified banger. We genuinely feared that Knives Out would be a one-off thing, but then, Glass Onion came around and we realized that we were stepping into the new golden age of mysteries.

Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery will be the third installment of Daniel Craig’s latest detective franchise. It’s scheduled for 2025 and it’s… A bit different.

Benoit Blanc Doesn’t Look the Same Anymore

Recently, director Rian Johnson took to X (formerly Twitter) to bring some great news to the fans. “Aaaaand we’re off! Today is Day 1 of shooting on the next Benoit Blanc mystery Wake Up Dead Man — see you on the other side,” the director wrote. The post also contained the first-look picture of Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc, and he doesn’t look the same as we remember anymore.

Out of nowhere, Blanc now has long hair! That is, a full suit, a new hat, and long fair hair. Fans are going wild in the comment section, cheering up the director and speculating about the reason for the PI’s new look. Some suggest he’ll now alternate between short and long hair like Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible; others think it’s a sign that the third movie will be a prequel; the rest are simply in awe with the look.

The thing is, we still have no idea what Wake Up Dead Man will be about, so your guess is as good as ours. But one thing’s for certain: it better be more like the OG Knives Out as Glass Onion proved to be rather… Divisive, let’s put it this way.