Jennifer Lawrence Gets a Lead Part in Apple TV’s New Murder Mystery Series

Jennifer Lawrence Gets a Lead Part in Apple TV’s New Murder Mystery Series
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We’ve seen her kill folks in the Hunger Games Arena, but now, it’s about time she investigates others’ killings, instead.

Thanks to her breakthrough performance in The Hunger Games franchise and strong Hollywood presence after, Jennifer Lawrence quickly became a household name in the industry. So far, the actress has changed many roles and genres, and now, she’s taking on a new type of project: a murder mystery, courtesy of Apple TV.

What’s Cooking at Apple TV?

Having taken the streaming world over by storm, Apple TV keeps pumping the market up with original content. They deal in various genres, but seeing the recent resurgence of interest in good ol’ murder mystery, the streamer decided to tackle it, too: enter The Wives, an upcoming mystery drama series which is currently in pre-production.

The plot of The Wives hasn’t been revealed yet, but from what we’ve managed to gather so far, it’s a murder mystery largely inspired by The Real Housewives. According to Deadline, Candace’s Michael Breslin and Circle Jerk’s Patrick Foley have been lined up to produce the script, but their progress, if any, is being kept top secret.

J-Law to Lead the New Series

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So far, the information about The Wives has been scarce. In fact, we only know one big thing about it: Jennifer Lawrence, the star of The Hunger Games, landed the gig for the lead part — and will also co-produce the TV show. Apart from her, Justine Ciarrocchi, Jeremy O. Harris, and Josh Godfrey will be producing the series.

The distinct lack of official information on Apple TV’s upcoming TV show has proven to be quite a fruitful ground for speculations. J-Law fans and murder mystery connoisseurs are coming up with their own theories about the mix-and-match of genres that’s bound to happen once you mix The Real Housewives with a thriller.

Our best bet is to wait for official updates on the series which will supposedly be presented once the screenplay is complete and the larger cast is established. For now, the project looks intriguing as, after The Hunger Games, Causeway, and No Hard Feelings, it’ll be interesting to see Lawrence return to her Winter’s Bone roots.

Source: Deadline