James Cameron Warned Us About AI Almost 40 Years Ago, But No One Listened

James Cameron Warned Us About AI Almost 40 Years Ago, But No One Listened
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Was there a way to avoid the strikes?

Both writers and actors now on strike in Los Angeles have a lot to say about AI and how studios plan to use it. From a production standpoint, AI has reached the point where it can replace background actors, stunt performers, and at least half of human writers.

From an ethical standpoint, it undermines every relationship built on trust between entertainment professionals. If actors and writers are not properly compensated for what the AI creates and trains based on their work, companies could be drowning in lawsuits. And the legal foundation for the use of AI is not ready to deal with them either.

The chaos that AI-based technologies have already caused in the entertainment industry does not bode well for any other area of employment.

As new and scary as it may seem now, there have been people who have tried to warn us about the dangers of technology takeover. James Cameron claims to be one of them. Speaking to CTV News, the Terminator director stated that he agrees that AI is a potential threat to humanity:

"I warned you in 1984 and you didn't listen," he said. "You could imagine an AI in a combat theater, the whole thing just being fought by the computers at a speed where humans can no longer intervene, and you have no way to de-escalate."

The director believes that the threat posed by AI is far worse than the threat to human employment status. Being reduced to manual labor is one thing, but having to fight AI when it has the power of nuclear weapons could cause a literal apocalypse on Earth.

When it comes to scripts written by AI, the director states that he has no interest in working with them at all. From both a professional and creative standpoint, Cameron is not willing to take anything written by anyone other than humans seriously.

At least until an AI script proves him wrong with brilliant quality.

Would you want to watch a movie based on an AI-written script?

Source: CTV News