Is There a Chance For The Buccaneers Season 2?

Is There a Chance For The Buccaneers Season 2?
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No more unresolved drama!


  • The Buccaneers is a romantic period drama adapted from Apple TV Plus from Edith X’s novel of the same name.
  • The TV show was considered to be Apple’s attempt to compete with Netflix ’s staple series Bridgerton, however proved to be worthy on its own.
  • As season 1 nears its finale, fans are concerned about the future of the show.

If there is one thing worse than a show that was supposed to last several seasons being canceled after only one season, it is a show that ends with an open finale. If there is at least some sort of resolution or closure, then viewers who have invested can use their own imaginations to make up the rest.

If there isn't, there's no choice but to constantly think through numerous scenarios of how things could have gone, but didn't. This is especially hard when the series was originally adapted from the novel but heavily rewritten to fit the narrative of the series. Readers may know where things are going, but they cannot predict what twists and turns the writers have added.

Fans of The Buccaneers are now getting closer and closer to waiting for the renewal announcement. Although no one but the executives behind the show on Apple TV Plus can know for sure what the chances of renewal are, that doesn't stop fans from speculating.

Will There Be Season 2 Of The Buccaneers?

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Right now there is no official information on the web. Just as there's no information on whether the show will be a miniseries or extended for more years. Judging only by the writing and the way the episodes lead us to an open finale, The Buccaneers had the continuation in mind.

However, the reception was not as great as expected. When the first few episodes aired in early November, not many viewers were hooked on the story. The first episode of the whole show, American Poison, is still the lowest rated episode of the whole season 1 on IMBb with a rating of 6.8/10.

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While the following episodes were better in writing, acting, and the level of intrigue within the story, many viewers simply dropped The Buccaneers without giving it a proper chance. This flat landing of the premiere may also have had a long-term effect on the show's popularity, putting its renewal into question.

Even the show's creator, Katherine Jakeways, doesn't have a definitive answer yet. However, as she assured Town & Country, if this was her decision alone, we would already have a confirmation:

"We're desperate to spend more time in the world of these people and there's so much sort of opportunity for more story for them," she said.

If you want to cheer on the Buccaneers and see how season 1 ends, be sure to tune in for the final two episodes on Wednesday, December 6 and December 13 on Apple TV Plus.

Source: Town & Country