Is CBS Creating Its Own ‘One Chicago’ with New Fire Country Spinoff?

Is CBS Creating Its Own ‘One Chicago’ with New Fire Country Spinoff?
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Clearly a statement here!

Choosing paths to success is extremely difficult. You have to try many ways, fail a few times, and after some time you'll find the way that suits you best and grow naturally. Well, at least that's the first way of thinking. But there's another one... easier.

Copying someone's success story can be tricky: yes, you seem to be following the same rules and doing the same things. So you would think that the results would be the same as those of the people you are inspired by. But the thing is, life is so unpredictable that what worked for one person will never work for another.

And, of course, both of these methods are used in business. For example, there's a way to take several highly-rated shows in a universe and spin them together to create a whole new huge universe that spans multiple stories. The perfect example is NBC's One Chicago franchise, which includes Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.

All the shows are really successful, and it seems that CBS is inspired by it, that’s why the network decided to create a new spinoff to the hit show Fire Country – Sheriff Country. The network has even given an early series order to the series, saving it the 2025-2026 TV season.

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The new show comes from the Fire Country backdoor pilot that aired April 12 as the episode Alert the Sheriff. In that episode and in the series, Morena Baccarin stars as Sheriff Mickey Fox, who is the stepsister of Fire Country's Cal Fire Division Chief Sharon Leone, played by Diane Farr. The new show will focus on her as she investigates the criminal life of Edgewater

Lots of fans were excited to hear the news. But of course, there were also those who wanted to criticize everything...

“I mean. The actress has been really great in other things. I'm just not sure what we got out of the backdoor pilot. They didn't showcase much of her personality or give us any other characters. Sheriff Country is also an atrocious name. I get they want their own 'chicago' but the og isn't called Firefighter Country,” Redditor Beep_boop_human said.

Fire Country is now in its second season and available to stream on Prime Video. So you have plenty of time to start watching the show now and be ready to welcome the spinoff when it comes out.