House of the Dragon S2 Will Eat S1 With Just Two Huge Battle Scenes

House of the Dragon S2 Will Eat S1 With Just Two Huge Battle Scenes
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Ahead of the release, the grand battle gets even grander.

House of the Dragon ’s second season is getting closer to its release date on Max, and the never-ending details about the upcoming installment give us all an even scarier feeling of anticipation than ever before.

The show’s season 2 will finally bring the viewers a long-awaited fight for the ultimate power between the Blacks and the Greens, and, given House of the Dragon’s showrunner’s latest revelations, the full-scale war will get to the level that only Game of Thrones and some Marvel flicks could reach so far.

Despite recent heavy criticism regarding its creative decisions, the MCU is still like nobody else when it comes to turning on-screen big battles into something extremely realistic. With no connection to Marvel whatsoever, Game of Thrones was also a decent game player when it was time to blow everyone away with epic fight scenes, and now it seems like the show’s prequel will finally follow suit.

As House of the Dragon’s showrunner Ryan Condal has recently revealed, the series’ upcoming season will feature two battle sequences that the first installment wasn’t destined to have.

Condal later on clarified how big the second season’s achievement is by comparing it to Marvel movies and saying that they “can fit two Avengers films inside of our shoot schedule” and both of the battle scenes alone will outdo everything that House of the Dragon’s season 1 was able to show.

The showrunner also added that the upcoming season’s focus will have a major shift as now Alicent and Rhaenyra’s children will play much bigger roles in the approaching war than they did before, hinting that the feud will go further rather than stay within the House of Targaryen.

As the previous season shows Rhaenyra’s oldest son Jacaerys “Jace” Velaryon establishing some kind of partnership with the Starks, the news about his brother Lucerys’ death will reach him while he’s far away from home.

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According to Condal, the upcoming war will get to be very personal for Jace as “he’s lost his little brother over it. He is one of the characters that actually wants to be in the war”.

House of the Dragon’s season 2 is set to premiere on Max on June 16.

Source: Den Of Geek