Honestly, How Are These 5 Movies Still Hailed As Cult Favorites?

Honestly, How Are These 5 Movies Still Hailed As Cult Favorites?
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Excuse us if we'll roast your favorites right now.

The very definition of "cult movie" suggests that it has a large and passionate following, while not necessarily appealing to everyone. However, for a movie to have a massive following, it has to have something going for it — even the negative traits work.

These five movies just don't live up to their hype, but they're not necessarily bad, according to Reddit — and that's why users don't think they live up to the standard the word "cult" suggests.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Don't get us wrong. Back in the 1970s, when it first came out, The Rocky Horror Picture Show was the biggest thing in the world, and for good reason. We get why it had such a huge following back then, but these days, as Redditor madjohnvane puts it, the once-iconic movie "has the disadvantage now of no longer being shocking and a bit thrilling."

Well, maybe it's time to finally put it to rest?

The Boondock Saints

With all due respect, if a movie only makes sense if you watch it before you're 17 or something, it cannot be a "cult" one. Redditors joke that the vigilante action thriller film is a “we live in a society” meme coming to life and writing a movie.

Donnie Darko

Like The Boondock Saints, Donnie Darko is a perfect coming-of-age movie — but only if you see it at a certain age. If you see it as an adult, it just doesn't work. Cult movie much?

The Room

We know that The Room is considered to be the best worst movie on the planet, but that's exactly why fans think it's no longer a "cult" thing. According to Reddit, the hype basically killed what was left of the movie's bizarre charm, and now The Room is just a bad movie, with no reason to further consider it a "cult" one.

Hocus Pocus

With Halloween fast approaching, we already know that some people out there will inevitably choose Hocus Pocus as their go-to spooky classic. Redditors don't exactly understand what exactly made Hocus Pocus so beloved, with many of them believing that, at best, the supernatural comedy should have remained a "comfort movie" that got slowly forgotten as time passed, but a cult classic status? For a bizarre movie about literal child-eating witches? Some things just don't age well (and the 2022 sequel kinda proves it).

Source: Reddit