Henry Cavill's Superman Actually Has a Cameo in The Flash but It's So Not Enough

Henry Cavill's Superman Actually Has a Cameo in The Flash but It's So Not Enough
Image credit: Legion-Media

The new The Flash promo confirms a Henry Cavill cameo in the movie, but the surge of excitement won't last long after you learn what sort of cameo that will be.

With a new trailer for The Flash recently dropping, there was a confirmation for Henry Cavill 's Superman making one more appearance as a cameo.

While we previously learned that Superman will be switched for Supergirl in The Flash thanks to some time-unraveling shenanigans of Ezra Miller 's character, he will still be there.

But if you thought that Warner Bros. is finally doing the right thing by allowing Henry Cavill one last proper appearance in the movie, you're in for a rude awakening.

Take a look at this trailer here and tell us: do you see Superman? To help you out a bit, Cavill's "cameo" starts at 00:12.

This is the most disrespectful thing ever: instead of going for a real appearance, WB is throwing yet another Split-Second Faceless Superman at us.

It's the third time they've done it by now with the first being in Shazam and the second in Peacemaker.

At this point, Henry Cavill's fans are fuming and the DC audience is confused.

There's seemingly no reason to treat the actor like that — and it becomes especially apparent when we're talking about a movie with someone as controversial as Ezra Miller playing the main character.

Cavill's never been accused of spontaneous attacks, but it's somehow him whose face is being continuously removed from films.

One of the tamest comments under the trailer on YouTube perfectly sums up the lengths of absurdity WB has reached by this point.

"A footage of Superman's footage, in a footage, and faced out. Good," Hariyanto Goh ironically remarked.

Honestly, we would've been better off without a Cavill cameo at all than with whatever this is…

But someone at Warner Bros. seems to really hate the actor's guts, and they're clearly willing to do one too many weak moves like this "cameo" just to prevent Henry from having a quiet and dignified exit from the DCEU.