'Fantastic Four' Leak Hints At Simon Baker Playing The Main Villain

'Fantastic Four' Leak Hints At Simon Baker Playing The Main Villain
Image credit: Legion-Media

Everyone can't wait to find out who the next 'Fantastic Four' actors will be, and it looks like the MCU bosses has already decided who they want to see as the villain in the upcoming blockbuster.

After two failed attempts by Hollywood to make the Richards family the stars of a successful franchise, the MCU is finally taking its own stab at this superhero team by developing their solo film. Many Marvel fans were certain that John Krasinski, who played the role of Reed Richards in 'Multiverse of Madness', would lead the team in the future, but according to the very extensive leak posted on 4chan (via Reddit), that probably won't happen. Kevin Feige is looking for young actors for the lead roles, with names such as Logan Lerman, Penn Badgley and Natalia Dyer mentioned. And, on the other hand, it looks like Marvel Studios is already fairly confident in its peak for the villain role: the studio has turned to actor Simon Baker from 'The Mentalist'.

And while it's too early to predict who this fan-favorite actor might play, it looks like people already have some interesting ideas. First, Doctor Doom is being discussed as the most reasonable option, as many leaks have promised the upcoming debut of this villain in the MCU, and Baker certainly has the charisma necessary to fill those demanding villain shoes.

"Simon Baker as villain has me INCREDIBLY intrigued. I doubt it would be Doom as they probably want someone higher profile, but my god that would actually be an incredible choice that I would not have thought of if they do go with him. Dude is very underrated imo." – /grand_wubwub.

However, others argue that Baker is too old for the role of Doom, naming other popular Fantastic Four villains as reasonable choices, with names ranging from Galactus to... Molecule Man?

"Simon Baker as villain? I'm guessing not Doom since he probably will be as old as Reed, but who could he play? Molecule Man? He has the hair for that." – /Celestin_Sky.

According to the leak, the director and cast of the upcoming film will be revealed at D23 expo this September.