Fancy Martini-Fueled Crime Thriller with 84% RT Score Just Joined Netflix

Fancy Martini-Fueled Crime Thriller with 84% RT Score Just Joined Netflix
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It’s 2018 in the best way possible and definitely undeservedly went under your radar.

Thriller might just be our favorite genre for one simple reason: almost any concept becomes that much better and more interesting once you throw in some underlying tension. It’s not easy to pull off, but nothing stimulates a talented person as much as major obstacles… Which is likely the reason why this sensational crime thriller was made by a man primarily known for his work in comedy, of all things.

A Simple Favor Is All You Need to Do

Paul Feig is famous for his work on comedy movies and TV shows, including creating Freaks and Geeks and several episodes of The Office. Not the type of person you’d expect to tap into thrillers successfully, right? Wrong: his amazing 2018’s film A Simple Favor proves it to all naysayers. If there are any. Are there?

A Simple Favor follows a single mom with a blog who befriends a woman she thought she could only envy. Her new friend is successful, rich, stylish, and elegant, and… Very enigmatic. When she disappears without a trace, our single mother decides to find out the truth together with the business woman’s husband, stumbling upon her new friend’s many secrets, some more unsavory than others.

A Simple Favor Is Certified Fresh

Most likely, you’ve never heard about this movie despite it boasting a star-studded cast of Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively — and yet, it did rather well critically. On Rotten Tomatoes, A Simple Favor boasts an 84% Tomatometer Score and a 73% Audience Score, dubbed as a “twisty and twisted” movie that “casts a stylish mommy noir spell” on its viewers.

“Paul Feig’s super stylish and fun suburban noir features Anna Kendrick in a solid, albeit very familiar Kendrick role. It’s Lively, however, who steals the show with her sexy, confident, multi-faceted performance,” Horror Queers’ Joe Lipsett remarked.

By perfectly mixing a Hitchcockian thriller’s tension and darkness with Desperate Housewives-ish characters and tone, A Simple Favor achieves exactly what it seeks to do: it entertains the audience without being boring, cliche, or obnoxious. The movie’s sequel has almost finished filming, so stay tuned for updates.

For now, you can watch A Simple Favor on Netflix and Prime Video.

Source: Horror Queers