Fan Video Solves Weasleys' Poverty Problem in Less Than a Minute

Fan Video Solves Weasleys' Poverty Problem in Less Than a Minute
Image credit: Legion-Media

The Weasleys are as generous and welcoming as they are poor, which is a common paradox in the Muggle world as well.

Harry Potter may continue to hog all the gold in his vault – no matter, this one fan seems to have found a solution to the Weasley family's problem!

The Weasleys are a poor pure-blood family, and we have learned that from the very beginning.

They can't afford new clothes, books, or even wands for their kids (Ron had to use his broken and taped-up wand for a year before his parents bought him a functioning one).

Molly is a stay-at-home mom of seven, and Arthur works a low-paying Ministry job – it seems like help is nowhere in sight, right?

Wrong! Severus Snape could be the answer to their problem. Well, at least, someone who makes a (fire) impression of the late Potions Master.

We are talking about one fan who likes to play Hogwarts Legacy while impersonating the douchiest professor there is (to each their own), and he shares videos of himself doing so on his Instagram page.

In the video, the fan finds some galleons while prancing around the Scottish Highlands in the game, and a brilliant idea comes to him: this is what the Weasleys should have been doing all along!

He believes that Molly and Arthur have "enough children to just send them out into the Scottish Highlands searching for bags of gold."

Well, it's probably not illegal, and it can make the family as rich as the Malfoys in no time, so why not?

Other fans are quick to point out that the Weasleys have become rich after the kids got jobs, and now the discussion is how the family's renamed the Burrow.

The top contenders are Weasley Manor (no way, they'd never copy off of the Malfoys) and Weasley World (sounds exactly right to us).

In all seriousness, we are glad that after the Second Wizarding War, the Weasley family has finally gotten what they deserve – recognition for all their hard work, respect from the wizarding community, and financial stability (which doesn't hurt anyone, right?).