Fan Theory Gives a New Meaning to Kit Harington's Role in the MCU 

Fan Theory Gives a New Meaning to Kit Harington's Role in the MCU 
Image credit: Marvel Studios

Is Kit Harington playing a good guy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or not really?

Even though Marvel’s Eternals wasn’t exactly the best project of the franchise, there were some positive elements. For example, Kit Harington. Our beloved Jon Snow from Game of Thrones took on the role of Dane Whitman in the movie.

Dane Whitman, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a human warrior who is set to become the Black Knight. He's got a mysterious sword called the Ebony Blade, which has a lot of history and power.

In the post credit scene of Eternals, Dane is seen contemplating whether to take up the blade, hinting at a bigger role in future MCU movies. But there's a fan theory out there that might just change everything we thought we knew about his character.

A fan on Reddit came up with a theory after rewatching Eternals. They believe that Dane Whitman's Ebony Blade might be connected to a character named Knull.

In the comics, Knul is a god of the symbiotes, and he's been around since, well, forever. This ancient being has the power to control symbiotes, like Venom, and has a deep connection to darkness and void.

Knull is a major player in the Marvel comics. He's the deity of the symbiotes and has waged wars across galaxies. His main goal is to return the universe to darkness. He's got a weapon called the All-Black, which is the first symbiote, and he uses it to spread chaos and destruction.

The theory suggests that the Ebony Blade might be a tool or a weapon that can either control or defeat celestials. This would mean that Dane Whitman's role in the MCU could be way bigger than we initially thought.

Even though Disney doesn’t own the rights to use symbiotes without Sony’s permission. However, Marvel already managed to avoid this issue in the past. For example, in Thor: Love and Thunder, Gorr the God Butcher gets his power thanks to the sword, but it wasn’t symbiotic, even though it was in the comics.

The theory suggests that Dane Whitman may become the Black Knight, as we expect him to do, but eventually he will be possessed by the sword and become evil. It’s actually a great idea for the Eternals’ sequel, if we ever get to see one.

Source: Reddit