Chicago P.D.’s Jason Beghe Teases ‘Savage, More Animalistic’ Voight Is Here to Stay

Chicago P.D.’s Jason Beghe Teases ‘Savage, More Animalistic’ Voight Is Here to Stay
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Let’s hope no one else falls victim to this rage spree.


  • Of all the three Chicago franchise shows on NBC, Chicago P.D. has to be the darkest.
  • Sergeant Hank Voight, currently commanding the 21st District Intelligence Unit, probably has the most responsibility and the most deaths weighing on his mind.
  • Noah's death has only unleashed a new wave of rage in him, says actor Jason Beghe.

One thing that viewers enjoy so much about all the ongoing procedurals on television is the way they get to look at certain characters through the prism of the years. Considering how long these shows tend to run and how many events take place, dramas like the Chicago franchise are the next best thing to soap operas.

Of course, no one expects Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and even Chicago P.D. to be 100% realistic representations of what working in these structures actually looks like. But none of the shows sugarcoat the toughest parts of being a first responder, and viewers really appreciate it.

But there is a limit to everything. And many fans of the One Chicago franchise feel that Voight, who is experiencing more and more loss, may be pushing that limit too far.

Chicago P.D. Noah’s Death

Chicago P.D.’s Jason Beghe Teases ‘Savage, More Animalistic’ Voight Is Here to Stay - image 1

To keep things interesting, every show needs some sort of conflict, whether it be internal to a character or interpersonal. Hank Voight has to be one of the darkest, most brooding men on modern television, and Chicago P.D. isn't afraid to use his pain for more storylines.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Beghe addressed the tragic events of the latest Chicago P.D. episode, leaning into the character's existing trauma and explaining how the circumstances of Noah's death may affect Voight in the long run.

Spoiler alert: It's not going to get any easier to watch anytime soon.

“He kind of reverts back to his safe response which is, “I’m gonna rip your throat out!” So, we will see going forward how much he’s going to be able to allow his feelings, and how much he is going to stay at this kind of savage, more animalistic Voight, which is a very compelling guy, too,” the actor said.

Portraying a character who has so much responsibility for the people he works with in such dangerous circumstances can't be easy. No matter how much actors remind themselves of the nature of their jobs, characters like Voight take a toll on actors, but perhaps this angry version of him is a good opportunity for Beghe himself to let off some steam.

Whether you've enjoyed Voight's season 11 storyline so far, or you've been wishing for something a little more lighthearted to happen to Chicago P.D.'s most troubled, dark and brooding sergeant, be sure to tune in to the show next Wednesday on NBC so you don't miss out on another installment of his character arc.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter