Chicago Med Fans Still Can't Get Over Beloved OG Character's Departure 

Chicago Med Fans Still Can't Get Over Beloved OG Character's Departure 
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‘From Sarah With Love’ is surely a recommended listen for these fans.


  • NBC’s medical drama Chicago Med is a ratings success and has been on air since 2015, with its ninth season premiering this January.
  • Chicago Med is the third part of TV producer Dick Wolf’s Chicago series, which includes fellow Wolf-created shows Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.
  • One of the series’ earliest mainstays was the character of Sarah Reese, a newly-graduated medical student struggling to build a stable career path.

Ever since actress Rachel Di Pillo left the series during its fourth season, taking the character of Sarah with her, fans have been clamoring for Dr. Reese’s return to the show.

With nine solid seasons under its belt, Chicago Med stands as a worthwhile watch for anyone looking to scratch their medical procedural itch. The series has been a hit with the viewers for its shrewd storytelling, aptly balancing professional stories about the goings-on at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center with personal character-focused vignettes.

While the series cast has been pretty stable throughout the majority of its run, the departure of one particular character from Chicago Med’s ensemble has been resonating with fans ever since Season 4.

Chicago Med Fans Still Can't Get Over Beloved OG Character's Departure - image 1Doctor Sarah Reese, played by Rachel Di Pillo, made her original appearance in the series’ very first episode. She proved to be a popular character with fans of the show, owing to her quirky demeanor, appealing personality and thoughtful story arc.

Season 3 saw a particular moment of growth for Dr. Reese, who, after going back-and-forth on her future career choice, became a psychiatrist under the mentorship of Dr. Daniel Charles, performed by Oliver Platt. Their teacher-and-student interplay was one of the highlights of the well-received third season.

However, Di Pillo left the series in Season 4 and so did Sarah, who was written out of the show via a subplot involving her manipulative father, who turned out to be an unhinged serial killer.

Fans mourned Reese’s absence from future series seasons, and they have been taking to social media to share their comments about missing the character’s presence.

It should be noted, however, that, while a subset of the fandom finds Dr. Reese an underrated and interesting figure whose time on the show was prematurely cut short, others are not readily willing to give her praise.

Chicago Med Fans Still Can't Get Over Beloved OG Character's Departure - image 2

Moreover, a section of the audience has an unflattering opinion about the complexity of her character, calling her shallow and superficial with little room for development.

Nevertheless, the more vocal part of the fandom seems to agree that Dr. Reese deserved to stay on the show and that the personal aspects of her character, including her relationships with characters like the lab tech Joey, override her negative traits.

We do get the fans’ wish to bring Dr. Reese back to the show, but with Season 10 approaching, it looks like it's quite too late for the showrunners to consider reintroducing the character.