Chicago Fire's Boss: 'Severide Is Coming Back With a Bang'

Chicago Fire's Boss: 'Severide Is Coming Back With a Bang'
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No one expected anything less.


  • Chicago Fire is an NBC procedural drama that co-exists in the same universe with Chicago Med and Chicago P.D.
  • Season 12, which starts on January 17, will mark the return of Taylor Kinney’s Kelly Severide.
  • According to the Chicago Fire’s showrunner, Andrea Newman, Severide’s return will have a huge impact on the Firehouse 51 as a whole.

There is nothing more exciting than a long-awaited reunion. Throughout Chicago Fire's 11th season and a long hiatus between seasons, viewers couldn't help but wonder if they'd get a chance to see Taylor Kinney's Kelly Severide back on the job.

Kinney's leave of absence was mysterious enough to spark all kinds of rumors. No one knew the real reason, and no one knew how long the actor would be gone from the show. Some worried fans began to speculate about his departure, while others decided to believe in a comeback until the very end.

Now that the actor's return is confirmed, viewers can only wait and see how Kelly Severide's comeback will affect the dynamic of the team. As executive producer and showrunner Andrea Newman teases, the wait won't be long.

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Not only will Kelly Severide be back in the very first episode of the upcoming season, but he won't have any time to waste before getting into another major storyline.

As Newman shared in an interview with TV Guide, we'll learn exactly how his disappearance affected everyone at the station.

“I can say that Severide is coming back with a bang, he's being shot out of a cannon, because he's got a huge case right off the bat in the first episode that's gonna affect other firehouses. <...> It's not just Kidd who's affected, and there's some story at the beginning about how it affects everything,” she said.

While the bumps on the road to a healthy relationship between Severide and Stella were to be expected, as she was abandoned by her partner, and she has every right to be less than happy about it, she's not the only one who will be struggling. Kelly's right hand, Cruz, will also have a few things to get off his chest.

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However, fans expect the team to come together and be stronger than ever, as the season will throw other challenges into the mix.

For example, Firehouse 51 will have to say goodbye to both Blake Gallo and Sylvie Brett in upcoming episodes, so they will need strong leadership, which Severide will be able to provide.

To see what Andrea Newman and the team of Chicago Fire writers and producers have in store for viewers this season, be sure to tune in when the premiere episode airs on January 17 on NBC.

Source: TV Guide