Breaking Bad Star Begged Black Mirror Creator for More Roles on the Iconic Show

Breaking Bad Star Begged Black Mirror Creator for More Roles on the Iconic Show
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Aaron Paul fell in love with the iconic show and, after starring in it for the first time, kept asking creator Charlie Brooker to have him act in "just one more episode."

Breaking Bad is, without a doubt, an absolutely legendary show with a compelling and utterly unhinged plot. It also gifted the world quite a few great actors.

Even the lead star, Bryan Cranston, who was already pretty famous before starring in the series, received a solid recognition boost — and his on-screen partner Aaron Paul benefitted from it even more.

Aaron Paul has surprised the global audience with his acting versatility since then. After Breaking Bad, he acted in other iconic shows, such as Bojack Horseman, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Black Mirror — and the latter meant the most to him.

Paul made his first appearance on the show back in season 4’s USS Callister, which is largely considered the best episode of Black Mirror ever.

However, the actor only had a brief cameo in season 4, and he wanted more. He found himself captivated by Black Mirror and strived to get another, more significant role in the upcoming seasons.

Aaron Paul stayed in touch with Charlie Brooker, the creator of the show, and was even offered to join season 5 — but unfortunately, he had a huge scheduling conflict so he couldn’t make it. The dream lived on, though, and as season 6 grew closer, the actor reached out to Brooker once again.

“So I begged him again, like, ‘Please, please keep coming to me.’ He approached me with [Beyond the Sea’s script] and I jumped at the chance… When I read that final page, I was like, ‘We have to make it happen, whatever we have to do, let’s do it’,” the Breaking Bad star told The Guardian.

In the end, it worked out, and Aaron Paul starred in season 6’s Beyond the Sea, achieving his dream. He took the job so seriously that, according to many fans, this episode of Black Mirror was the actor’s strongest performance since Breaking Bad, and this means a lot considering Paul’s track record. But it’s not surprising considering how much he wanted this gig.

Source: The Guardian