Bradley Cooper Speaking French Has the Internet in Fangirl Mode

Bradley Cooper Speaking French Has the Internet in Fangirl Mode
Image credit: Legion-Media

We love a multilingual icon!

Bradley Cooper is the man of many talents. Not only he is a talented actor and director, but it turns out he has quite a knack for languages!

Cooper can speak English, Italian, and French, but it's the latter that has everyone on the Internet kind of obsessed. First of all, even though French is not his native language, Bradley nails the pronunciation — even native speakers admit that.

Secondly, for someone who slams his own grammar as “débile”(stupid), the actor looks extremely effortless and elegant while fluently discussing his language skills with a French host.

Have a look yourself.

Looks like confidence really is key: Cooper may make all the mistakes he wants, but he couldn't care less. In the video, he fluently jokes in French, doesn't shy away from self-criticism, and therefore leaves the French host impressed.

Cooper revealed he studied French for six months, but then took a pause with his lessons. The actor says that his impressive fluency comes from lack of fear to make mistakes, as well as from his desire to communicate despite not always excelling at grammar.

Now that's a huge motivation from Cooper if you too wanted to take up French but was anxious about sounding stupid! Turns out, the effort itself is just enough.

Cooper is also fluent in Italian, which he learnt from his mother. Besides, he also shared that he knows some Russian kids' songs by heart because his little daughter would constantly listen to them!