Bernadette's Top 5 Sassy Clapbacks That Left TBBT Fans Reeling

Bernadette's Top 5 Sassy Clapbacks That Left TBBT Fans Reeling
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Bernadette's high-pitched voice and short stature didn't stop her from being the most brutal character with some of the most hilarious sass in the series.

Although the character of Bernadette entered a little later into the main cast of TBBT, she quickly became a fan favorite for her loving relationship with Howard, and for demonstrating how women can be just as successful in science (along with Amy of course).

Yet it was her quick wit and unapologetic sass that made the character so memorable, as she delivered some of the most hilarious snarky retorts of the entire series. Here are the top 5 best sassy clapbacks we saw from Bernadette through the entire run of the show.

5. 'You don't know his life'

In S6 E13, The Bakersfield Expedition, while the guys are at Comic Con the girls decide to spend their time investigating comic books. In an unexpected role reversal, Bernadette, Amy, and Penny end up in a heated debate about the properties of Thor's hammer. When the guys arrive back suddenly they are surprised to hear the three mid-debate, with Penny contesting 'how could Red Hulk be worthy' to lift the hammer. In response we hear a hilarious exchange from Bernadette with an absurd response of 'You don't know his life'.

This scene shows that the girls can be just as nerdy and petty when they also talk comics, and gives us one of Bernedette's most quotable lines.

4. '​​At least with you gone, no one will steal my yogurt out of the fridge'

Although this wasn't an intentional sneer by Bernadette, it is such a hilarious moment it simply can't be left out. At the start of The Indecision Amalgamation in S7 E19, Bernadette asks for Penny and Amy's opinion about if she is a bad person. Bernadette proceeds to tell them both about a colleagues get well card she signed and believed to be a retirement card, accidentally writing 'Hey Vivian, you deserve this. And at least with you gone, no one will steal my yogurt out of the fridge. Lol :) P.s. good luck wherever you wind up.'

The very human nature behind the story within the scene is simply what makes this whole joke a masterpiece. The whole line is one of the most hilarious and highly underrated moments from the show.

3. 'He can't go to SPACE! He's like a baby bird'

Some of Bernadette's best sass against her husband Howard was when he wasn't even around to hear it. In S5 E5, The Russian Rocket Reaction, Howard gets invited to go to space, yet Bernadette is less than keen for him to go. Rather than continue to attempt to convince him herself, she simply tells his mother which she knows will be more effective. When justifying her actions to her friends she explains why Howard obviously wouldn't do well in space, comparing him to a baby bird.

The line's hilarious delivery made her sly behavior suddenly seem entirely justified after all.

2. 'Excuse me. You better find my husband's mother, because one way or another, we're walking out of here with a dead woman!'

Of course, not all of Bernadette's sass was used at Howard's expense. Sometimes she used her aggressive tone to support her husband when he truly needed it. This was never demonstrated better than in S8 E16 The Intimacy Acceleration, when they were returning from Mrs. Wolowitz's funeral but the airline had lost her ashes. In a moment of despair, Howard reveals the amount of grief and guilt he is feeling after the sudden loss of his mother. Feeling sympathetic for him, Bernadette gestures to have a quiet word with the airline assistant, only to give her a right talking to.

The scene showed Bernadette's stricter side but also how much she really cared for her partner in his time of need.

1. 'Gosh, Amy, I'm sensing a little hostility. Is it maybe because, like Sheldon's work, your sex life is also theoretical?'

The episode The Parking Spot Escalation in S6 E9 is centred around the biggest disagreement that the characters ever had on the show. What started about the use of a private parking space quickly develops into an all out war that encompasses even Bernadette and Amy. As the pair begin to bicker over whose partner is the better scientist, they exchange some fairly brutal, but hilarious, insults. As the tension builds Berndaette delivers what is most certainly the best burn of the series, comparing Amy's sex life with Sheldon to his theoretical work in physics.

The delivery and savagery of the comment fits into the fight perfectly, and proves Bernadette to be the master of clapbacks and truly the character with the sharpest tongue.