7 Shows Like 3 Body Problem to Stream on Netflix, Prime & More

7 Shows Like 3 Body Problem to Stream on Netflix, Prime & More
Image credit: Netflix, HBO Max

Netflix's "3 Body Problem" was a show that not many people were confident about, even though it was created by the guys responsible for "Game of Thrones" and featured some pretty impressive actors and actresses.

However, the naysayers were quickly proven wrong the moment the show premiered, as most fans liked it despite some of its flaws.

Of course, it's unlikely that "3 Body Problem " will become as massive as "Game of Thrones, " but it certainly made sci-fi feel relevant again, as thousands of fans started searching for similar shows the moment the first season ended.

Here are 7 shows like "3 Body Problem" to stream:

The biggest draw of "3 Body Problem" is its sheer complexity, with various scientific problems and theorems mentioned with such ease that viewers have no choice but to Google them themselves, diving deep into the world of scientific knowledge.

And if you like that kind of intellectual stimulation, then the shows on this list will surely appeal to you, even if some of them are not as geeky as Netflix 's show. Sci-fi is an endlessly satisfying genre to watch, and the world-building in the shows above can easily rival even the best drama series out there.