5 Years After Release, 92%-Rated Matt Damon & Christian Bale Sports Drama Blows Up Netflix Top

5 Years After Release, 92%-Rated Matt Damon & Christian Bale Sports Drama Blows Up Netflix Top
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The 2019 sports drama races to the streaming’s Global Top 10 chart.


  • Ford v Ferrari is a sports movie, directed by James Mangold, featuring the battle of the two auto companies for the status of possessing the best racing car.
  • It got back in the game, jumping onto Netflix 's Global Top 10 chart five years after its release, proving its critical and commercial success.

The auto racing movie genre was undergoing some kind of a crisis, as sport dramas about professional car drivers repeated each other and didn’t bring something new to rekindle people’s interest in it. Back in 2019, James Mangold’s atypical race film, Ford v Ferrari, managed to do it the way its popularity is still here even five years later.

The plot of the movie follows a team of car engineers, led by automotive designer Carroll Shelby (played by Matt Damon) and his driver, Ken Miles (Christian Bale ), who are hired by Henry Ford II to build a race car to defeat the constantly dominant Italian racing team Scuderia Ferrari at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France.

Ford v Ferrari has recently jumped in Netflix's Global Top 10 chart, as for the week of March 11-17, it was watched for 8.3 million hours with a total of 3.3 million total views, which made it to win the eighth place. It’s curious that for the number of hours watched by Netflix’s subscribers it exceeds every movie in that chart except the first two places, Damsel and Irish Wish, which became that week’s most watched movies.

The fact that people watch it more to the end than the other films from the chart and its whole appearance in it can be explained due to its high quality and convincing actors. Despite the impeccably made technical side of the movie, with its spectacular racing sequences, sound design and detailed prop work, it steals the viewers’ attention by featuring gripping human drama in such a tense area as car sport business.

Lots of praise was particularly given to Damon and Bale’s performances, whose duo fit the story brilliantly and added much to the extremely high assessments of the film.

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As for ratings, the movie scored 92% of critical appreciation and 98% from audiences, satisfying not only racing enthusiasts. The movie was also a back-then box office success, grossing $225 million at the theaters with an estimated budget of $97 million.

Therefore, there is no doubt that Ford v Ferrari should be a Netflix hit, attracting more viewers from all over the world, and stay in the global platform’s chart for a long time.

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