5 Wildest Post-Apocalyptic Action Movies to Watch After Furiosa

5 Wildest Post-Apocalyptic Action Movies to Watch After Furiosa
Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures, Dimension Films

How do filmmakers see the world after its end?

Even though the new installment of the Mad Max Saga, Anya Taylor-Joy’s Furiosa, seems to be a box office disappointment, it still received glowing praise from both critics and the audience. Alongside the strong viewership of Prime Video ’s Fallout series, this fact proves people’s large interest in crazy post-apocalyptic stories.

Here are 5 of the best action films for you to continue exploring dystopian takes on the end of the world.

  1. The Book of Eli (2010)

First comes Denzel Washington’s neo-Western which follows a nomad on his trip across a dry wasteland to deliver the copy of a mysteriously important book to safety. It explores the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse that ruined Earth, as Eli moves forward to the West. This action-packed film also offers a jaw-dropping final twist you should clearly experience yourself and not read about it.

  1. Snowpiercer ( 2013)

Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton’s movie, based on Jacques Lob’s climate fiction novel, focuses on the inhabitants of a train that carries the last survivors of the ice age caused by a failed attempt to stop global warming. This sci-fi movie is outstanding not only due to exploration of a number of currently painful themes, but also for its unique directing style.

  1. I Am Legend (2007)

Adapted from Richard Matheson’s post-apocalyptic horror book, this cultish film presents the world devastated by a virus that wiped out most of mankind. Will Smith ’s protagonist appears to be the last human in New York, who is forced to deal with the virus’ consequences. This thriller displays perfectly-written character development; besides, it’s already a classic movie that everyone should see.

  1. The Road (2009)

Starring The Lord of the Rings ’ Aragorn actor Viggo Mortensen, this movie doesn’t reveal the cause of the apocalypse that turned a prosperous country into a wasteland. It centers on a man and his son as they’re trying to approach the coast in hope that they can find safe haven here. It’d certainly be a tough watch for an unprepared viewer.

  1. Children of Men (2006)

Last is Alfonso Cuarón’s dystopia, following a society on the brink of collapse after decades of human infertility. Presumably, it’s the darkest film in today’s list, as it delves more into personal dramas and the depiction of people’s unreasonable ruthlessness.