5 Times a Good Movie Was Ruined By Just One Cringey Scene 

5 Times a Good Movie Was Ruined By Just One Cringey Scene 
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Here’s proof that a single scene can make or break a movie.

Movies are magic, that’s what we love them for. They sweep us into different worlds and make us feel all kinds of emotions. But sometimes, just sometimes, there's that one scene that makes you only cringe. Just one scene — and the magic is gone.

Movie buffs on Reddit shared some of the worst scenes that almost ruined (or actually ruined) the whole cinematic experience.

Man of Steel — The Tornado Incident

In this scene from Man of Steel, we witness Clark Kent stand by, using his super self-control to not save his dad from a tornado. That was an odd choice.

We get it, revealing his powers would have been problematic. But couldn’t there have been another way to depict this moral dilemma without making Superman look so... passive?

Darkest Hour — Churchill’s Tube Trip

This was like imagining Abraham Lincoln breakdancing. Historically, Churchill wasn't really a “man of the people.” Yet, here he is, tearing up while chatting with Londoners about war. It's a scene that gave more Disney than biography. While it may appeal to some for its sentimentality, for many it stripped the film of its credibility.

Spider-Man 3 — Butler's Bombshell

When Spidey almost loses to Venom and Sandman in Spider-Man 3, Harry's butler casually strolls in and drops the info that Spider-Man didn’t actually kill his dad. Surely this could've been executed in a more dramatic and less random manner. It felt like a plot device just waltzed in and deflated the movie's tension.

The Shining —- Skeleton Lounge Party

This iconic horror film is mostly spot on, but then Wendy stumbles upon what looks like a last-minute Halloween setup. Sure, there are plenty of disturbing visuals throughout the movie, but this particular scene felt less like "a masterpiece horror" and more like "B-grade haunted house."

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull — Nuke the Fridge

Indy is known for his improbable escapes. But surviving a nuclear blast in a fridge? That's pushing it. Not only did this make most of us question the laws of physics, but it also made many question whether this was still the Indiana Jones we loved.

Source: Reddit